A Place to Perch my Hope

September 26, 2016


Love’s not easy
Love’s not free
It takes a toll on
You and me

I’m not stupid
I’m not blind
I know that sometimes
You’re unkind

Love’s not heaven
Love’s not God
Love is painful
Love is odd

I’m not a dreamer
Just a girl
I know that you
Can’t fix the world

Love’s a chance
For me to cope
Love’s a place
To perch my hope

by Richard W. Bray

Truth Value

September 24, 2016


Science is a tool
That advances certain tasks
But you won’t find the Truth
In a beaker or a flask

Science is a tool
It’s process or technique
But science makes a fool
When it’s wisdom that you seek

Science is a tool

Like a hammer or a knife
Not a creed, nor a school
Nor a philosophy of life

Science is a tool
That can foster gross infection
In the minds of crazy ghouls
With dreams of mass perfection

by Richard W. Bray

Don’t owe the world an explanation

September 18, 2016


Don’t owe the world an explanation

For all the things I’ve done
I won’t assist your calculation
Who to love and who to shun

Don’t owe the world an explanation
I don’t have to pass your test
Not here to seek evaluation
I just wish everyone the best

Don’t owe the world an explanation
I’ve known love and I’ve known pain
And your morality fixation
Lives and dies inside your brain

Don’t owe the world an explanation

You do your thing; I do mine
You can take your allegations
And stick em where the sun don’t shine

Don’t owe the world an explanation
Why I do the things I do
Lord knows my ultimate salvation–
It ain’t really up to you

by Richard W. Bray

let it out slow

September 17, 2016


Resentment rots your innards
And desiccates your soul
Rooting for destruction
Takes a mighty toll

Take a deep breath
And let it out slow
Think about your anger
And try and let go

Hatred is a monster
That you don’t have to feed
It cuts in both directions
And makes the hater bleed

Take a deep breath
And let it out slow
Think about your anger
And try and let go

Are you feeling jealous?
Is your life incomplete?
Are you searching for a scapegoat
In everyone you meet?

Take a deep breath
And let it out slow
Think about your anger
And try and let go

Resentment is a poison
Like the twelve-steppers say
Resist its lethal logic
And pour it down the drain

Take a deep breath
And let it out slow
Think about your anger
And try and let go

by Richard W. Bray

Stoners are Stupid

September 11, 2016


Stoners are stupid
They can’t find their keys
Dropping cold cash
To make their synapses freeze

Stoners are stupid
Think they’re keeping it real
Spinning round their brains
Like a hamster in a wheel

Stoners are stupid

They wake and they bake
Losing half the day
Till there’s another toke to take

Stoners are stupid
Thinking squares are just haters
Crawl into a haze
Then it’s twenty years later

Stoners are stupid
Getting dumber every day
The older they get
The more their brains melt away

by Richard W. Bray

Same Old Trouble

September 11, 2016


I’m the same old trouble that you’ve always been through
So why don’t you love me like you used to do?

Hank Williams

Tell me what I did
Tell me what I said
How did I get exiled
And banished from your bed?

Never had the guts to dream
Your love would come my way
As soon as I believed it
It melted all away

Our love was like an island
In an ocean full of sad
I was drowning when I met you
You were everything I had

The fool who said it’s better
To love and then to lose
Never loved on borrowed time
And lost someone like you

Tell me what to say
Tell me what to do
I’d do anything you want
To get back to me and you

by Richard W. Bray

must have been mad

September 5, 2016

XXXXXXwalk charlie wallis

I must have been mad
I never knew what I had
Until I threw it all away.

Bob Dylan

I’ve walked away from love
And hurt a lovely girl
I’ve turned my back on everything
That matters in this world

I’ve walked away from love
When it still had room to grow
Where it might have taken us
I’ll never ever know

I’ve walked away from love
I’ve run and I have hid
It doesn’t really kill you
But it makes you wish it did

I’ve done a lot of stupid things
Someday I’ll make a list
But nothing hurts like giving up
The sweetest ever kiss

by Richard W. Bray

When I fell for you

August 29, 2016


I fell head over heels
When I fell for you
I felt like the world
Had begun anew

I fell off a cliff
When I fell for you
I’m tattered and torn
And broken and bruised

I fell out of grace
When I fell for you
And I forgot all the things
That I thought I knew

The bottom fell out
When I fell for you
I don’t know who I am
Don’t know what to do

I fell on my face
When I fell for you
Now I’m down in a ditch
And I don’t like the view

I fell under your spell
When I fell for you
Must have been the Hemlock
In your witch’s brew

by Richard W. Bray


August 28, 2016


To fight aloud, is very brave–
But gallanter, I know
Who charge within the bosom
The Calvalry of Woe–

Emily Dickinson

I’m damaged and I’m blue
And I’m gonna damage you
The grief that grew and grew
Is the damage I can do
But I know it hurts me too
When I spread my hurt to you

Don’t wanna look within
At the hurt inside my skin
Or see the monster that I’ve been
Abusing kith and kin

Anger is my cage
But there is comfort in my rage

by Richard W. Bray

Two-bit Little Machiavelli

August 21, 2016


Seen your phony
Ass around
Kissing up
And kicking down

Back-stabbing con man
Shifty little cur
Smiling like a demon
You slander and slur

Big house of lies
Cunning little plan
Lying little weasel
Shifty little man

A two-faced
Sneaky snake
Spreading discord
In your wake

Playing all against
Each other
You’re the dude who
Snitched his mother

Sycophant, con man
Double-dealing liar
Pouring gasoline
Creep away from the fire

Just another
Dirty, smelly
Two-bit little

by Richard W. Bray