The Sound of a Woman

August 10, 2018

You’re not sick
You’re just in love

Irving Berlin

My hair’s falling out
And I got new pimple
Who ever said
Life would be simple?

When you’re around
I blush and stammer
I say stupid things
And forget my grammar

I walked by your house
Hoping we would meet
Then I found out
I was on the wrong street

When you’re around
I feel out of place
Sort of like a turtle
In a hundred meter race

I feel sort of dizzy
Everything is hazy
If I don’t see you more
It’s gonna make me crazy

When you’re around
The universe glistens
I really like your voice
So I’m just gonna listen

by Richard W. Bray

Selling drugs and guns and war

July 28, 2018

you vacuumed out your soul
now you’re trying make it whole

can’t hide the empty in your eyes
when lips are spewing lies

you deny the things you do
is there anything that’s true?

can’t fix the clutter in your head
can’t fix the people who are dead

pocket your profits — don’t keep score
selling drugs and guns and war

by Richard W. Bray


July 22, 2018

Abuse and sting and mock and shame
Afflicting torment like a game
Find a person you can break
And feed the universal ache

Careless quips and mutilations
Stabs and wounds and lacerations
Snubs and swipes and small offenses
Brutal taunts that stun the senses

Tell yourself that you are brave
Or moan you’re just a cosmic slave
Who only does what others do
Attacking all who damage you

Maybe that’s just what we are
Scorpions inside a jar
Or maybe you use poison darts
To build a cage around your heart

by Richard W. Bray

Live the moment

July 19, 2018

Climbed the tallest mountain
Saw a guru sitting there
I asked him what it meant
And he vanished in the air

Live the love
Live the fail
Live the moment
And savor every inhale

Just when I ‘areckoned
I had it figured out
Life knocked me on my ass
And it turned me inside out

Live the love
Live the fail
Live the moment
And savor every inhale

I read bunch of books
And I seen a few things
Please don’t ever ask me
To explain anything

Live the laughter
Live the fail
Live the moment
And savor every inhale

by Richard W. Bray

Tippy Tappy Too

July 15, 2018

Tippy tappy too
The sky is bright and blue
Dippy dappy do
I met a girl like you

Sometimes I’m a fool
Being mean to you
Words cannot not reveal
How bad it makes me feel

Your heart is like a pearl
In a crazy crazy world
Your love is like a shell
Protecting me from hell

Hippy happy hey
Another lovely day
Dippy dappy day
Don’t ever go away

by Richard W. Bray

This is easy to explain

July 12, 2018

Your wife came in and found you
In your king-sized bed
With her sister and her cousin
And this is what you said:

“This isn’t what it looks like
But it’s easy to explain
Your cousin spilled some grape juice
And the bed was getting stained

“So your sister came right over
With a bottle of detergent
We all started scrubbing
It was getting pretty urgent…”

She said:

It’s time to stop your digging
You can put the shovel down
Now y’all get to stepping
Before I put my rifle down

Politician told the people
He had our back for the duration
Then the fat cats filled his wallet
While he bankrupted the nation

“This isn’t what it looks like
But it’s easy to explain
I need a billion dollars
To finance my campaign

“You gotta believe me
Hear my words and read my lips
I would never take a bribe
But I do accept tips…”

When the voters gonna say?

It’s time to stop your digging
You can put the shovel down
You’re slick but we ain’t stupid
Time to get out of town

by Richard W. Bray

Chewing gum and chicken wire

July 8, 2018

My situation is kinda dire
Got rusty rims and baldy tires
Chewing gum and chicken wire
Keeping all my shit together

My well is dry, my luck is dryer
My crops are dead, my barn caught fire
I’m half foreclosed without a buyer
I ain’t dead but I’ve been better

Ain’t got much left
I’m still a man
I’m doing
Everything I can

My baby took a bus one day
And said she’d be back right away
She sent a letter yesterday
Saying where to send her stuff

I ain’t the type to kneel and pray
You’ll never hear me bitch and bray
But Lord them skies are awful gray
And things are looking tough

Ain’t got much left
I’m still a man
I’m doing
Everything I can

Richard W. Bray

Give No Quarter in Dispute

June 30, 2018

Be obnoxious, be a dick
Quarrel, quibble, contradict
State your case and never quit
Advocate the opposite

Be slimier and slicker
Contest, annoy and bicker
Mix it up and disagree
Create your own reality

Give no quarter in dispute
Be doctrinaire and absolute
Never agree with anyone
And always tell yourself you won

By Richard W. Bray

All you crazy dreamers

June 23, 2018

All you crazy dreamers
You silly, silly fools
Wanting Medicare for all
And parks and roads and schools

All you crazy dreamers
You’re such a bunch of clowns
Bitching and moaning
When our bridges fall down

All you crazy dreamers
You’re so full of boloney
We can’t protect ourselves
With rainbows and ponies

All you crazy dreamers
You’ll never understand
We blow up other countries
For a stronger Homeland

It’s a mean and scary world
If you really love your moms
You’d spend all your money
On guns and tanks and bombs

by Richard W. Bray

You were right and I was wrong

June 20, 2018

You were right and I was wrong
Now my life’s a country song
About a man who lost his wife
Wrecked his home and ruined his life

You were right and I was wrong
I lost the place where I belong
You found out—you said goodbye
I hate my wicked wayward eye

You were right and I was wrong
And everything I love is gone
Thought I could have a little fling
It wasn’t worth my wedding ring

You were right and I was wrong
You said be true or say so long
I tried to split my life in two
And eat my cake and have you too

You were right and I was wrong
I was weak and you’re so strong
I have to live with what I did
I miss my home—I miss my kids

By Richard W. Bray