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Leave me Alone

June 26, 2011


Leave me Alone

I don’t want to eat my spinach
I don’t want to do my chores
I don’t want to clean the bathroom
I just want to eat some s’mores

I don’t want to iron my trousers
I don’t want to cut the lawn
I don’t want to do my homework
I just want to play till dawn

I don’t want to plant a garden
I don’t want to wash the car
I don’t want to do the dishes
I just want to look at stars

I don’t want to work for money
I don’t want to paint my home
I don’t want to fix the plumbing
I just want to be alone

by Richard W. Bray

No Laughter, No Hope

June 18, 2011

I can hate life
And I can hate me
And I can hit you
So you will hit me

No laughter, no hope
Just sock in the eye
You looking for hurt?
Then I am your guy

by Richard W. Bray

Let Me Tell Ya’

June 8, 2011

Let Me Tell Ya’

Let me tall ya’
Her prince is one happy fella

Ichabod Crane:
Don’t lose your brain
Enough to drive a guy insane

No friend of mine
Scarin’ people all the time

Golly geez
He can bench press eighteen trees

Mother Goose:
On the loose
With stories for the kids to use

Winnie Pooh:
How do you do?
Got some honey just for you

Charlie Brown:
Don’t be a clown
Kick that football. Don’t fall down

Mr. Ed:
He often said,
“Don’t make me glue when I am dead”

by Richard W. Bray