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Don’t blame the world

June 25, 2022

I thought I was your only one
You tore my insides out for fun

Don't be so careless
Don't be so dumb
Don't hand over your heart
To self-centered scum

You were such a sparkly girl
You dropped a napalm on my world

Don't fall for the phony
Don't fall for the hype
Don't expect a dream
To repair a broken life

Life is a bucket full of stink
I'm gonna end myself with drink

Don't sing the blues
For your stupid decisions
Don't blame the world
For your own masochism

by Richard W. Bray

Find your flow

June 18, 2022

Life is liquid
Find your flow
Don't worry too much
Where other people go

Life is matter
And energy
You're connected to the sun
You are part of every tree

Life is music
Hear your call
Don't let anybody tell you
One size fits all

Life is love
You are never alone
The whole world lives
In your blood and your bones

by Richard W. Bray

the dancers and the dance

June 11, 2022

I almost shriveled up and died
But then I met you when I did
You taught me how to fly
Made me feel like a kid

We never said goodbye
We just went our separate ways
And your melody renews
Day after day

We never had it all
And we had so much more
Blankets and pillows
And cuddling on the floor

Owning every moment
Life is just a glance
Motion never ends:
The dancers and the dance

by Richard W. Bray