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Willie Wystan Widdershins

June 28, 2015


Willie Wystan Widdershins
Craves a crooked course
A crazy road is best for him
But not his baffled horse

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Goes East to journey West
And to his wife’s chagrin he
Makes three rights to take a left

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Often ends where he begins
Going round in circles
Like a fish without fin

Willie Wystan Widdershins
Is guided from within
He wears a happy grin
Always going where he’s been

by Richard W. Bray

Not Worth My Time

June 20, 2015

You’re nasty, unnerving, disgusting, and icky
Revolting, repellent, distasteful and vile
You’re ghastly and grody, repulsive and sickly
You’re someone that I must live to revile

You’re not worth my time and better forgotten
You’re rancid, repugnant, rude, and morose
You’re hellish and horrid and morally rotten
You’re loathsome, disturbing, horrific and gross

You do not agree with all my presumptions
You’re heinous and beastly, obnoxious and wrong
I roundly renounce your detestable gumption
A mental asylum is where you belong

by Richard W. Bray

Politicians Begging Scraps off a Rich Man’s Table

June 6, 2015

AAAAAAAAAAAAorgan grinder

I’ll sing you a story
That ain’t no fable
Politicians begging scraps
Off a rich man’s table

They sing for their supper
They dance for dessert
American people
Get left in the dirt

Stealing from the poor
And giving to the rich
Leaving everyone else
Stuck in a ditch

So easy to buy
A congressional flunky
Like an organ grinder
With a cute little monkey

by Richard W. Bray

What the Fizzle Dizzle

June 2, 2015

What the fizzle dizzle
Did I ever do
To deserve the aggravation
That I get from you?

Always stopping by
When we’re cooking food
Before we clear the table
You’re the disappearing dude

Ain’t got nothing nice to say
About anything I do
Nothing ever satisfies
A malcontent like you

You invite yourself along
On a Saturday night
Bringing trouble to the table
You start a bunch of fights

You’re a walking heap of hardship
A dispatcher of dread
What the fizzle dizzle
Goes on inside your head

by Richard W. Bray