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meaning, nourishment and truth

February 4, 2023

When your life’s a walking shitshow
And you fill the world with lies
You don’t know why you’re empty
Saying your goodbyes

In a room where you say your name 
And try to tell the truth
Don’t miss out on fellowship
Searching for proof

Alone on a computer
You muffle your cries
As you try to find your truth
In other people’s lives

Searching the whole world
Looking for your purpose
Cast your buckets down
And try to be of service

by Richard W. Bray

the quiet of the sky

January 21, 2023

The quiet of the sky
The passion of the trees
The wisdom of the rocks
Educating me

Unremembered kindness
Murmurs in the breeze
The wonders of a world
That willed itself to be

Experience the grandeur
Of a world that isn’t clean
Open up your senses
Pull away from the screen

by Richard W. Bray


January 17, 2023

Everything is broken
It’s about to get worse
I know what’s wrong with everyone
I know just what to do
If I could punch you every moment
Then I could fix you

Everything is broken
So I make my own truth
It isn’t really lying cuz I’m not even there
I know what’s wrong with you
Cuz I live in your head
It isn’t really me sleeping in my bed

Everything is broken
I live outside myself
Reality is bad for my health
No one can handle my sad little poem
A little girl got broken
And she never went home

by Richard W. Bray

the best things

January 14, 2023

choices matter
syllables flatter
promises as empty 
as the wind

broadcast near and far
tell us who you are
fabricate and
fantasize and spin

goodness will not say
what it gives away
treasures more
valuable than gold

love unassailable
beauty unexplainable
the best things
cannot be told

By Richard W. Bray

space and time

October 15, 2022

The world is made of frozen light
Everything connects
Nothing in the universe
Works like you expect

Does a tree know it exists?
Does a star know how to love?
Look at thirteen blackbirds
Listen to a dove

Make some room for kindness
As you straddle space and time
The world is charged with grandeur
Everybody shines

by Richard W. Bray


September 18, 2022

in a fog
in a flutter
in love

in debt
in danger
in love

in the dumps
in a pickle
in love

in the groove
in the saddle
in love

by Richard W. Bray

the space between

May 18, 2022

Time was somewhere else
In a universe of two
Bewitched and bedazzled
There was only you

The light, the air
The space between
Charged by the sparks
That cannot be seen

Colors overflow
Molecules conspire
Angels hold their breath
And stop to admire

The light, the air
The space between
Charged by the sparks
That cannot be seen

by Richard W. Bray

I Lift My Lids

May 7, 2022

I lift my lids and all is born again.
—Sylvia Plath, Mad Girl's Love Song

So many dreams
Inside my head
Treasure and triumph
And beauty and dread
I lift my lids
To you instead

What disappeared 
Is born anew 
My moon-struck songs
Are all of you
Drops of bliss
Like morning dew

Rise and roar
And meet the world
Music until now
My dream my life 
My thunderbird

by Richard W. Bray


April 10, 2022

Eights and sevens
Threes and twos
Math brings everything
Into view

Trapezoid, rhombus
Cubes and squares
Imagine, calculate
And compare

Fraction, cosine
Essential tools
To make us greater

Find the difference
Plot the graph
Perceive, predict
And build with math

Engineer, geologist
Statistician, nurse
Math paints a picture
Of the universe


by Richard W. Bray


March 17, 2022

Painting pictures
Of people in your head
Inventing words
You wish they really said

The world exists for you
The same old lies are new
You don't do what you do

Tearing worlds apart
Trying to get whole
You take and take
And empty out your soul

To pity what you hate
That bitterness is fate
That two plus two is eight

by Richard W. Bray