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Quiet Disappointment

October 16, 2021

A look, a snub, a slander
Says you’re not enough
A heap of indignation
A morsel of love

Silent disappointment
A rolling of the eyes
To never miss a moment
To cut you down to size

The sadness of a soul
Who gives to take away
A sigh that’s filled with scorn
A heart made out of clay

by Richard W. Bray

The truth that looks you in the eye

September 26, 2021

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is lying to themself.* But you can never know another person’s truth. And discovering your own truth is an enormous task.

The truth that looks you in the eye
“No reason why this has to hurt” 
Tell yourself another lie

Compare yourself to other guys
“My loser friends are so inert”
The truth that looks you in the eye

Bewildered every time you cry
“I’m self-aware – I’m so alert”
Tell yourself another lie 

Jump off a bridge – expect to fly
“Only fools return to dirt?” 
The truth that looks you in the eye

Deception is your alibi
“I’m guiltless, honest and overt”
Tell yourself another lie

Dismiss your actions with a sigh
“I never aimed to disconcert”
The truth that looks you in the eye
Tell yourself another lie

by Richard W. Bray

*For example, when someone says I don’t care, it usually means they care a lot.

for the soldiers I have known

August 18, 2021
there’s no magic words
to protect you from the hurt
there’s no magic words
there’s just a lot of dirt

there’s no magic words
to cover up the lies
there’s no magic words
for the empty in their eyes

there’s no magic words
just try to stay real
keep your people close
and take the time to heal

by Richard W. Bray

the love of a child

July 17, 2021

unruly, rambunctious, exhausting and wild
there’s no greater love than the love of a child

boundless, colossal, extending for miles
there is no restraining the love of a child

needy and hopeful, touching and mild
the heaviest burden, the love of a child

investing your marrow, refunded in smiles
there’s no greater love than the love of a child

by Richard W. Bray

Henny Henny Penny

May 22, 2021

Henny Henny Penny says
“The sky is falling down
Pack up everything you got
And get out of town”

Henny Henny Penny says
“It’s never been this bad
The world is off its rocker
And everyone is mad”

Henny Henny Penny says
“Life don’t make no sense
I need a load of bricks
To build a bigger fence”

Henny Henny Penny says
“Never go outside
It’s a crazy crazy world
So find a place to hide”

Henny Henny Penny says
“Protect your mental health
You don’t want to go crazy
Like everybody else”

By Richard W. Bray

Reason’s Gift

February 26, 2021

From thought and love and rhyme
To frontiers of space and time

From a mosque in Timbuktu
To the Dome of Xanadu

From protecting son and daughter
To industrialized slaughter

From a monkey standing tall
To the beast that wants it all

By Richard W. Bray

rumble dumble day

February 19, 2021

Rumble dumble day
Go outside and play
The sun is shining bright
Bask in your delight

Wimble wamble wee
Investigate a tree
Run around till dark
Explore your local park

Dimble damble door
Open up your pores
Listen to the world
It sings to boys and girls

By Richard W. Bray

Lunch Among the Ruins

September 11, 2020

O heart! oh blood that freezes, blood that burns!
   Earth’s returns
For whole centuries of folly, noise and sin!

Robert Browning, Love Among the Ruins

In a land once ruled by thieves
We walk beneath the trees
Among the fallen leaves

Paths once paved with gravel
Too overgrown for travel
Reveal a world unraveled

Betrayal winks and nods
An empire built of fraud
Amused indifferent gods

Right before their eyes
A world of endless lies
Erupts in bloody skies

A picnic on the glen
With a special friend
Another season ends

by Richard W. Bray

Birds Gotta Swim

August 23, 2020

Even a theory requires some facts, Captain
Commander Spock

Fish gotta swim
Birds gotta fly
A penguin is a fish
There’s an ostrich in the sky

The sky is blue
Cuz it’s jealous of the sea
Doggie says bark
Cuz he’s looking for a tree

Zebra, bongo, tiger
Bumblebee and marlin
Grew some pretty stripes
To dazzle their darlin’

They say a clock’s wise
And time marches on
But as soon as time happens
It’s already gone

The cow never jumped
Higher than the moon
Cows don’t jump at all—
It was a kangaroo

Sometimes I wonder
What’s it all about?
But things are pretty simple
When you figure ‘em out

by Richard W.  Bray

like it or not

August 15, 2020

Sometimes perhaps you don’t want to be a part of me.
Nor do I often want to be a part of you.
But we are, that’s true!

Langston Hughes, Theme for English B

8 billion bodies
all collected
life is never
what’s expected
tell yourself
you’re not affected
but everything
is all connected

green and blue
it’s all we got
this lovely living
spinning spot
all condemned to
live the thought—
stuck together
like it or not

stuck together
like it or not

stuck together
like it or not

by Richard W. Bray