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squeeze and squeeze

May 27, 2023

Let me, let me tell you
Time tough, time tough
Everything is out of sight
It's so hard, so hard, so hard, so hard
Time tough, time tough
Everything is going higher and higherToots and the Maytals

Prices getting higher
Wages stay the same
Put the profits in your pocket
And blame supply chains

You shut down the factories
You send our jobs away
You never have to worry
About the price we pay

Making up excuses
To squeeze and squeeze
Greed and corruption 
Are the real disease

Trample the people
Lay our country to waste
Pillage and plunder
Puts a smile on your face

Dismember the nation
With phony divisions
Disrupt and distract
From your horrible decisions

Making up excuses
To squeeze and squeeze
Greed and corruption 
Are the real disease

by Richard W. Bray

The Algorithm Knows

May 20, 2023

The algorithm knows
Everywhere you go
Where you buy your clothes
Your favorite tv shows

The algorithm knows
Everyone you kiss
Your secret little tryst
The one you really miss

The algorithm knows 
You’re talking in your sleep
Things that make you weep 
The promises you keep

The algorithm knows 
Everything you buy
Everything you want
It even knows why

The algorithm knows 
It grows and grows and grows
It thinks that it's your pal 
It loves you just like HAL

by Richard W. Bray

Every liar knows the truth

May 13, 2023

Try to rewrite your life
And never look back
Go to fantasyland
To find a new track

Always looking for a shortcut
And a new type of scam
You could pay off all your bills
If you met a stupid man

Such a crazy crazy girl
In your dreamy dreamy world

Try to rewire your brain
But it always snaps back
When you're pretending away
A big ole pile of crap

Every liar knows the truth
That's how you build your lies
You multiply your troubles
When you believe your disguise

Such a crazy crazy girl
In your dreamy dreamy world

by Richard W. Bray

wishy washy boo hoo

May 9, 2023

idiotic therapeutic 
wishy washy boo hoo
sticks and stones
Do words break bone?
crazy as a cuckoo

stop your sobbin 
silly robin
wings to fly 
beak for bobbin
skippin to my lu-lu

trigger warning
every morning 
scaredy cat
don't do that
just accept your boo boo

toughen up
batter up
and to yourself 
be true true

by Richard W. Bray

everything is everywhere

May 5, 2023

Separation is illusion
Particles connect
A million little worlds
Live inside a speck

Navigate the pattern
Smell the rings of Saturn 

The man behind the curtain
Is in the looking glass
Butterflies cause hurricanes
The sun lives in the grass
The rain in Cucamonga
Irrigates the tundra

Love and existence
Energy and time
Consciousness and matter
Mingle dance and rhyme

Everything is everywhere
Radiance is in the air

by Richard W. Bray