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My Soggy-Headed Woe

August 29, 2015

I partied with the devil
It didn’t go well
Rode the escalator
To the pit of hell

Million kinds of poison
Alter the brain
Buckets of cocktails
Intensify the pain

Been out of my head
In a seaside bungalow
Been down and out in places
The grass don’t grow
Been torn asunder
Nasty and slow
Deliver me, Lord
From my soggy-headed woe

by Richard W. Bray

my dreams cannot resist

August 14, 2015

when my head
was in my bootie
i found the
perfect cutie
in my drunken
dream of beauty

her devotion
never tires
she lives for
my desire
i’m all that
she admires

my dreams
cannot resist
a lover
such as this
too bad she
don’t exist

by Richard W. Bray

Tell Me Where It Hurts

August 7, 2015


tell me where it hurts
you don’t have to tell me why
maybe you don’t know
don’t be afraid to cry

tell me where it hurts
you don’t need me to reply
i’m just gonna listen
just gonna be nearby

tell me where it hurts
bleed it till it’s dry
i’m not gonna judge you
remember i’m your guy

tell me where it hurts
where it went awry
together we can heal
together we’ll get by

by Richard W. Bray

This Fellow Who Follows

August 3, 2015


This fellow who follows
This odd little gent
Just gets on my tail
And never relents

This fellow who follows
The path of my shoes
With a single ambition
To do what I do

This fellow who follows
He just wants to play
It’s always his fate
To get in the way

This fellow who follows
Is my little brother
An object more precious
Than any other

This fellow who follows
My feet to and fro
Has taught me to scruple
And watch where I go

by Richard W. Bray