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Ugly Talk

July 27, 2015


The motivation
For your allegations
Is a stupid inclination
For classification
Your speculation
Is an irritation
Put away your provocation
Find a new fixation

Gonna do what do
Gonna live my life
Ain’t got no time
I ain’t inclined
To justify…

I ain’t no public relations
Got no obligation
To give documentation
Of my situation
No contamination
Don’t need validation
Or your confirmation
Got my contemplation
And my liberation

by Richard W. Bray

Down with TPP

January 21, 2014


Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Now we’re gonna
Frack away our legacy
Poisoning the earth
And the economy

Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Fast-track it past
The people in secrecy
Low wages worldwide
Is what we’re gonna see

Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Bargaining away
Our national sovereignty
To a buncha corporations
That hired me

by Richard W. Bray