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February 26, 2011


My fire used to burn when it was stoked
Never cleaned the chimney; house full of smoke
Creosote ain’t no kinda joke
Time to fix my bike; tighten every spoke

My dog used to love me till today
I ran outta food; guess he run away
I go to the park; no one to play
Canine nutrition; important every day

My friends came over every night
Didn’t pay my bill; turned off all my lights
Now my possessions; completely outta’ sight
Much misery for a simple oversight

My mother used to feed me every day
Then I grew up; she made me move away
Fast food and frozen dinners; really not okay
Learn how to cook before going on your way

A maid used to come and clean my place
Till it got so messy; simply a disgrace
Everyone says I’m a basket case
That housekeeper can never be replaced

My uncle used to help me fix my car
I never checked my oil; won’t make it too far
I’m filling all the skies; smoke, soot and tar
Check those fluids; be a highway star

Neglect used to be my middle name
Caused so much trouble; had to change my game
First thing I did; accept all blame
Ignoring all my problems; just too lame

by Richard W. Bray

Tonight in Every Bar

February 22, 2011

In every bar
Drunken alcoholics speak
Of friends who really have
A drinking problem.

by Richard W. Bray


February 21, 2011


Life is short and precious
You only get one go

You can’t live a different life
Even if you know…

What’s going on with Screaming Mel
Or KourtneyKhloeKim
Or what Ms. Gaga’s really like
When all the lights are dim

You won’t find no foresight
Searchin’ Brangelina‘s home
There ain’t no wisdom buried down
With Micheal Jackson’s bones

Some guitar-stroking scoundrel
Thinks his pecker is a shrine
Ain’t no topic of attention
That deserves our precious time

If Charlie wants to catch a buzz
It don’t interest me
I’d rather hear about those
Peoples fighting to be free

Living is a full-time job
A chance to learn and grow

So play the hand you’re dealt
And let your colors show

by Richard W. Bray

Holding on to Every Inch

February 15, 2011

I’m an old curmudgeon
I get older every day
Got no time to spare
Get the hell out of my way

I’m an old curmudgeon
Don’t give me no crap
I’m mean and I am cranky
And I’m late to take my nap

I’m an old curmudgeon
Get off of my goddamn lawn
Holding on to every inch
Until I’m dead and gone

I’m an old curmudgeon
I’ve seen what life can do
Here’s a brand new dollar
Go and buy yourself a clue

I’m an old curmudgeon
And I have to stay on top
Sinking is just dying
And I’m not about to stop

I’m an old curmudgeon
I keep barreling ahead
Reflection is for cowards
And rest is for the dead

by Richard W. Bray

Best Friends Forever

February 12, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Sally and Kathy were Best Friends Forever
Till Kathy told Sally’s secrets to Heather
The girls are refusing to speak to each other
And Sally is home crying to Mother

by Richard W. Bray

Rudely Interrupter

February 3, 2011

Rudely Interrupter

Good friends were talking and sharing their mirth
When in walked a storm of incurable dearth
A salesman by trade and a bother since birth
An insidious creature who slithers on Earth

Rudely Interrupter: his given name
Playing Budinski: his favorite game
Though no one is ever glad that he came
He’ll bug one and all every time just the same

by Richard W. Bray