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October 13, 2012


My dad was moving boxes
He said, “Give me a hand”
I really need them both
What a curious demand

My boyfriend’s disappointed
Says his team got creamed
What were they doing at the dairy?
I guess that’s why he screamed

A person on the sidewalk
Asked me for some bread
But if I give him money
He could buy a meal instead

My neighbor said her brother
Gets all bent out of shape
He needs a chiropractor
Or perhaps some ankle tape

My friend got dressed up fancy
Said she’s gonna paint the town
Wouldn’t it make more sense
To wear a dusty gown?

I took my sister to the beach
She said, “Let’s catch some rays”
I didn’t buy this bikini
For fishing on the bay

Sometimes folks are careless
And their brains aren’t very keen
People talk so silly
Like they don’t know what words mean

by Richard W. Bray

I’ll Get Back to You

October 6, 2012

You couldn’t hide your pleasure
When you heard I’d lost my job
And you almost started laughing
When I told you I got robbed

So please leave me a message
When you hear the beep
I wouldn’t ignore you
Just cuz you’re a creep
(I’ll get back to you)

I heard you threw a party
When your best friend broke her leg
You vacation in the ghetto
To hear the homeless beg

So get yourself a pigeon
And airmail me a note
I can’t wait to read
Everything you wrote
(I’ll get back to you)

Obituaries are candy
For bitter fools like you
And seeing people happy
Always makes you blue

Please send me an email
Or Facebook me some time
And I will get right on it
You wretched ball of slime
(I’ll get back to you)

by Richard W. Bray