I’ll Get Back to You

You couldn’t hide your pleasure
When you heard I’d lost my job
And you almost started laughing
When I told you I got robbed

So please leave me a message
When you hear the beep
I wouldn’t ignore you
Just cuz you’re a creep
(I’ll get back to you)

I heard you threw a party
When your best friend broke her leg
You vacation in the ghetto
To hear the homeless beg

So get yourself a pigeon
And airmail me a note
I can’t wait to read
Everything you wrote
(I’ll get back to you)

Obituaries are candy
For bitter fools like you
And seeing people happy
Always makes you blue

Please send me an email
Or Facebook me some time
And I will get right on it
You wretched ball of slime
(I’ll get back to you)

by Richard W. Bray

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