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July 23, 2017

I chased annihilation
In a thousand roadside bars
Then I pulled myself together
And discovered who you are

Surprised to see me happy?
Disappointed I’m alive?
Were you quietly applauding
My inevitable demise?

A girl who never liked me
Said, “Hello” and wished me well
Disappointment in her voice said
“I’m amazed you’re not in hell”

Surprised to see me happy?
Disappointed I’m alive?
Were you quietly applauding
My inevitable demise?

Chastise and condemn
And tell yourself you’re blessed
I can only shrug:
I’m wishing everyone the best

Surprised to see me happy?
Disappointed I’m alive?
Were you quietly applauding
My inevitable demise?

by Richard W. Bray


July 15, 2017

You’re a backstabbing loser
And a four-faced snitch
A never-ending whimper
And a whiny little bitch

You swallow some drinks
And you talk a lot of shit
Nobody wants to listen to
A whiny little bitch

You got a lot of theories
But you’ll never admit
What you did to yourself
Cuz you’re a whiny little bitch

You’re a fixating fool
Never knowing when to quit
Nobody wants to listen to
A whiny little bitch

by Richard W. Bray

happiness is sad song

July 1, 2017

Happiness is a sad song
Charles Schultz, from the book Happiness is a Warm Puppy

Everything was beautiful
Until it went wrong
Is sad song

Weeping for Hecuba
And all those hurts beyond
Is sad song

Poking ancient agony
Clutching what is gone
Is sad song

Accepting my reality:
I loved you all along
Is sad song

by Richard W. Bray

You Don’t Get a Vote

June 18, 2017

Look at that messed up
Couple over there
She’s got a million tats
He never cuts his hair

Can’t you just be happy
They have one another?
Can’t you be happy
They found love with each other?

What could those people
Ever see in each other?
She’s the wrong age
And he’s the wrong color

If you got a comment
Just keep it in your throat
It isn’t your life
You don’t get a vote

So wrong for each other
Just headed for trouble
It really makes me sad
When the wrong people couple

In this crazy old world
It ain’t easy to stay warm
Can’t you just be happy
They found shelter from the storm?

by Richard W. Bray


June 10, 2017

My guts are bleeding
My anatomy’s afire
The fog is receding
I’m a loser and a liar

Takes a toll on my health
When I pretend to be ok
Been lying to myself
Since I sent you away

Alone in my room
A wayward little boy
Living on the fumes
Of the love I destroyed

by Richard W. Bray

I Never Realized

June 3, 2017

Never liked anyone
More than I like you
But keeping us together
Was more than I could do

Never lost anything
More lovable than you
I’m less than a man
For what I put you through

Paying the price
For being a dunce
True Love ain’t a thing
That happens more than once

by Richard W. Bray

trail of destruction

May 6, 2017

You went out for some coffee
But you never came back
Now you call me on the phone
And you wanna slither back

You disrupt and take advantage
Everywhere you go
You owe a thousand dollars
To everyone I know

Do you ever stop to think
About the things you’re doin’?
Do you ever contemplate
Your trail of wreck and ruin?

You’ve worn out every welcome
From here to Timbuktu
After all the things you did
Why should I get back with you?

“I just need another chance”
Is all you ever say
Take your basket full of sorry
And please just go away

by Richard W. Bray

The Ghost of Our Love

April 8, 2017

After all the things I done
I can never hurt enough
It ain’t my conscience talking
It’s the ghost of our love

I wake up in evening
Feel you breathing on my skin
Just the ghost of our love
It’s teasing me again

The ghost of our love
Is laughing in my face
Every time I try and find
Somebody to replace it

The ghost of our love
Reminds me all the time
I’m just another scoundrel
Who cannot face my crime

by Richard W. Bray


April 1, 2017

Moments of sweetness
Moments of you
Memories of wishes
That finally came true

Moments of tender
Moments of pure
Memories drag me
The lovely we were

Moments of sunshine
Moments of you
Memories of stupid
I cannot undo

Moments of happy
Moments of smile
Memories mangle
You walk down the aisle

by Richard W. Bray

a thousand wrong turns

March 19, 2017

I tried to feed a hunger
That grew and grew
I climbed a million mountains
For that perfect view

Never knew where I was going
But I kept pushing through
Till a thousand wrong turns
Led me to you

Been a lotta places
Where the wind blows cold
I never take advice
I don’t do what I’m told

Ended with a prize
Amazing to behold
I chased a million rainbows
And you’re my pot of gold

by Richard W. Bray