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February 25, 2023

Fill the world with song
Sing until you're silly
Wild and beguiled 
By Roses and Lilys

Stars on Alabama
The way you look tonight
Baby I'm amazed
When you hold me tight

Nobody to see us
Nobody to hear us
Pay no mind to stupid words
With nobody near us

Those ordinary things
That I gotta do
I throw em out the window
To be alone with you

By Richard W. Bray

demon always wins

February 17, 2023

Weak and wounded people
Let the spirits in
Play a demon's game
The demons always win

Entertain a demon
And grovel at its feet
Revel in destruction
And tales of deceit

Spin a tangled web
Stab a thousand backs
Demon grabs your virtue
And eats it like a snack

Dance with the devil
Sing his favorite song
Never ask yourself
Where it went wrong

Do all the things
A demon says to do
And never admit
The demon is you

by Richard W. Bray

meaning, nourishment and truth

February 4, 2023

When your life’s a walking shitshow
And you fill the world with lies
You don’t know why you’re empty
Saying your goodbyes

In a room where you say your name 
And try to tell the truth
Don’t miss out on fellowship
Searching for proof

Alone on a computer
You muffle your cries
As you try to find your truth
In other people’s lives

Searching the whole world
Looking for your purpose
Cast your buckets down
And try to be of service

by Richard W. Bray