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delicate and true

April 29, 2017

I’m glad you let me love you
I hope you let me see
All the things you wanna do
And what you wanna be

I’ll get down on hands and knees
I’ll dig your heart a moat
I’ll cover all your tender parts
Wear me like a coat

Tell me what you want to be
I’ll show you what I mean
I’ll protect your eager heart
And defend your thirsty dreams

Allow me to acknowledge
Everything I get from you
And trust me with the part of you
That’s delicate and true

by Richard W. Bray

The Ghost of Our Love

April 8, 2017

After all the things I done
I can never hurt enough
It ain’t my conscience talking
It’s the ghost of our love

I wake up in evening
Feel you breathing on my skin
Just the ghost of our love
It’s teasing me again

The ghost of our love
Is laughing in my face
Every time I try and find
Somebody to replace it

The ghost of our love
Reminds me all the time
I’m just another scoundrel
Who cannot face my crime

by Richard W. Bray

a thousand wrong turns

March 19, 2017

I tried to feed a hunger
That grew and grew
I climbed a million mountains
For that perfect view

Never knew where I was going
But I kept pushing through
Till a thousand wrong turns
Led me to you

Been a lotta places
Where the wind blows cold
I never take advice
I don’t do what I’m told

Ended with a prize
Amazing to behold
I chased a million rainbows
And you’re my pot of gold

by Richard W. Bray

If Only

February 26, 2017


If only I was taller
I’d be in the NBA
If only you were perfect
I never would betray

If only I were lucky
Things never go my way
If only I were handsome
Love would never go astray

If only
Would just let me be me
If only somebody
Would love me just for me

If only life were fair
I never would complain
If only this world
Didn’t have so much pain

If only the past
Was something I didn’t know
If only you still loved me
Like you did long ago

by Richard W. Bray

The piece of me that’s you

February 13, 2017


Another crazy turbid day
What can I do?
What can I say?

Whenever life gets
Wayward and askew
I always listen to
The piece of me that’s you

Science teacher
Says it’s true
I’m never
Far away from you

Way out in space
Connect right to
The human race

It’s nice to know
We’re part of every star
And the piece of you that’s me
Is never far

by Richard W. Bray

Last Day on Earth (A Love Song)

February 2, 2017


I dreamed the world was ending
   So I called to see
If you wanted to spend
   Your final day with me
You checked all your appointments
   Lucky you were free
You didn’t have another
   Place to be

We agreed to get together
   In a warm and cozy space
A quiet little room
   With a big fireplace
We didn’t want distractions
   From the human race
With an asteroid approaching
   From outer space

You threw your arms around me
   You asked me why
I had waited so long
   To give us a try
I felt so stupid
   I wanted to cry
Then my alarm went off
   And I opened my eyes

by Richard W. Bray

The best part of my day

January 15, 2017


The best part of my day
Is your smile

And your grace and your glamour
And your style

The best part of my day
Is your smile

Your countenance
Lights up a country mile

The best part of my day
Is your smile

Reminding me that
Life can be worthwhile

The best part of my day
Is your smile

And your laughter and your
Voice that beguile

The best part of my day
Is your smile

So won’t you set and
Visit for a while?

by Richard W. Bray

New and Improved

January 7, 2017


We’re proud to announce
It’s incredible to see
A sensational development
A new and better me

The improvement is amazing
It’s finally here
Compare to other products
It’s remarkably clear

From our team of experts
This miraculous device
A revolutionary bargain
At a startling price

It’s quick and it’s easy
It’s coming to your town
Accept no other offer
We won’t let you down

Introducing our new strategy
It’s guaranteed to work
Time to tell the truth:
I was a stupid selfish jerk

I’m sorry and I love you
I’ll be a better man
It’s a limited-time offer
So get me while you can

by Richard W. Bray

And then you blew it

January 4, 2017


You had your chance
And then you blew it

A precious soul
Who loved you true
Lord only knows
What made you do it
There ain’t no hope
For fools like you

You had your chance
And then you blew it

All your contrition
Don’t mean squat
You got a lifetime now
To rue it
Ain’t gonna get
A better shot

You had your chance
And then you blew it

Thought you could find
Some greener grass
She was perfect
And you knew it
No one can help
Your sorry ass

by Richard W. Bray

I hate her most when she’s not there

December 31, 2016


Started to date her
Till she said “see you later”
I wasn’t even a skater
And now I really hate her

I hate her smile
I hate her smell
I hate the stories
She would tell

She found a new guy
Before she even said “bye”
Never ever said why
But I ain’t gonna cry

I hate her style
I hate her grace
I hate her
Stupid little face

Her love was misleading
My heart took a beating
And my insides are bleeding
But you won’t see me pleading

I hate her voice
I hate her hair
I hate her most
When she’s not there

by Richard W. Bray