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you almost killed me with your smile

March 19, 2019

I didn’t take it too well
When you said we were through
You got a stone for a heart
What’s the matter with you?

You almost killed me
With your smile
So I’ll be bleeding
For a while

You were the happiest thing
In my sad little life
Then you took out my heart
With a rusty old knife

I ain’t got nothing left
But tears
I’m gonna bleed
For forty years

I didn’t take it too well
When you said we were through
You laughed in my face
When I asked if you were true

by Richard W. Bray

i love u like a puppy

February 2, 2019

i need to see you
every day
my insides hurt
when you’re away

i love you like a puppy
i couldn’t love you any more
i just wanna hold you
and curl up on the floor

you melt all my defenses
just by being you
you invigorate my senses
and fill me up with you

i love you like a puppy
i could live inside your gaze
you could make me happy
in a million different ways

by Richard W. Bray

SEO: A Love Story

November 17, 2018

I remember the times
When you sat on my lap
You shared your domain name
And showed me your sitemap

I had a high PageRank
The world was my stage
I was the solitary server
On your landing page

We were so optimized
And you threw it away
De-indexing my love
On a Whiteboard Friday

We had canonical love
It just isn’t right
For anyone else
To be crawling your site

I’m losing my mind
And I’m right on the brink
Why you gotta treat me
Like a no-follow link?

Follow the breadcrumbs
Back to my perch
You know where to find me
In an organic search

By Richard W. Bray

The Sound of a Woman

August 10, 2018

You’re not sick
You’re just in love

Irving Berlin

My hair’s falling out
And I got new pimple
Who ever said
Life would be simple?

When you’re around
I blush and stammer
I say stupid things
And forget my grammar

I walked by your house
Hoping we would meet
Then I found out
I was on the wrong street

When you’re around
I feel out of place
Sort of like a turtle
In a hundred meter race

I feel sort of dizzy
Everything is hazy
If I don’t see you more
It’s gonna make me crazy

When you’re around
The universe glistens
I really like your voice
So I’m just gonna listen

by Richard W. Bray

Tippy Tappy Too

July 15, 2018

Tippy tappy too
The sky is bright and blue
Dippy dappy do
I met a girl like you

Sometimes I’m a fool
Being mean to you
Words cannot not reveal
How bad it makes me feel

Your heart is like a pearl
In a crazy crazy world
Your love is like a shell
Protecting me from hell

Hippy happy hey
Another lovely day
Dippy dappy day
Don’t ever go away

by Richard W. Bray

above ground

May 31, 2018

I climbed a rope ladder
To your balcony
That was the place
You said you were gonna be

I found out later
You were way across town
You’re trying so hard
To put me in the ground

You’re always saying
It’s only you and me
But everybody knows
I’m just your Plan B

I had enough whiskey
To make a man drown
But you still haven’t got me
Under the ground

I ran into a wall
Cuz you said it was funny
I gave you my heart
I gave you my money

Stuck my head up my ass
To be your clown
But somehow I managed
To stay above ground

Finally figured out
You’re not the whole world
There’s over a billion
Available girls

The sky is blue
And the Earth is round
I got a nice girl
Keeping me above ground

by Richard W. Bray

Why aren’t there more people like you?

May 26, 2018

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Lovely, kind and gracious in so many things
   You do
In this crazy old world, you don’t have a
There’s a sparkle in your soul and twinkle in
   Your heart

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Quietly shielding others from the pain you’re
   Going through
Ignoring smears and rumors that others
   Wanna start
You’ve got better things to do than pick their
   Hate apart

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Instead of looking backward you’re happy
   To renew
Now is where we are and this journey is
The most important places are tomorrow
   And today

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Your serenity and wisdom enhance my
   Point of view
You generate sweet harmony from so much
The rhythms of the universe conducting
   Your ballet

by Richard W. Bray

ibble-snabble wibble-wabble wicka wacka woo

May 20, 2018

ibble-snabble wibble-wabble
wicka-wacka woo

I wanna be the man
Who gets to spend my life with you

Sometimes people say
That I don’t make a lot of sense
They say that I’m a stalker
Cuz I stand outside your fence

wimpa-wampa dubba-dampa
bimpy-bampy boo

I’ll be gone tomorrow
If you tell me to

Sometimes I get silly
But I’m serious as hell
Things you make me feel
Are impossible to tell

numble-namble bimble-bamble
limba-lamba loom

Tell me how your presence
Makes a million flowers bloom

No place in the universe
That I’d rather be
Waiting for an angel
Underneath a cherry tree

by Richard W. Bray

fifty-seven lies

May 19, 2018

It takes fifty-seven lies
Just to get you outta bed
Lies are like a fungus
That grows inside your head
You need a journal to keep track of
All the lies you ever said

Once upon a time
There was a girl who loved you true
Now there’s someone in the mirror
But you swear it isn’t you
The lovely thoughts you’re thinking
And those ugly things you do

Your heart is black and rancid
And you can’t erase the stain
You got booze and you got pills
To protect you from the pain
An umbrella in a hurricane
Won’t keep away the rain

Your body and your soul
Are in a nasty civil war
You just keep on doing
Crazy things you did before
There’s gonna come a time
When you can’t take it anymore

You choked to death on love
That you were too afraid to give
On your tombstone it will say
That you had too much pride to live
Some folks choose to die
When it’s too frightful to forgive

by Richard W. Bray

Higher Learning

May 7, 2018

Used to make it complicated
Like a hamster spinning round
She taught me how to pause
And to slow it all down

She taught me how to live
With the stillness of a flower
She created a world
Where a minute was an hour

She taught me how to feel
She intensified my view
Until nothing else mattered
We were a nation of two

She taught me how to live
Without giving a care
She taught me how to breathe
When there wasn’t any air

She taught me how float
At the top of the sky
Then she disappeared
And I learned how to cry

by Richard W. Bray