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a trillion times more

August 19, 2019

O fairest of all creation, last and best
Of all God’s works, creature in whom excelled
Whatever can to sight or thought be formed

John Milton, Paradise Lost

the sunshine in your laughter
the poetry in your style
the wiggle in your swagger
the music in your smile

your wicked sense of humor
your feet, your face, your hair
the fire in your anger
the fancy in your flare

the tender in your strength
the lovely in your heart
you’re a trillion times more
than the sum of your parts

every thing about you
every little part
knocks me on my bootie
you’re my favorite work of art

by Richard W. Bray

kicked in the heart

August 10, 2019

We’re good together
It’s ready to start
Will I jump over the moon
Or get kicked in the heart?

I hear a song playing
For me and for you
Is it Over the Rainbow?
Or Little Boy Blue?

I’m a little bit timid
If you’ll pardon my scars
Does this stairway go down
Or straight to the stars

I’ve been here before
And it didn’t end well
Will you be my salvation
Or my ticket to hell?

By Richard W. Bray

a thousand ways I could have been better

June 15, 2019

There’s a thousand times
I could have been better

I got angry
I said the wrong word

There’s a thousand ways
I could have been better

Didn’t ever show up
For your world

There’s a thousand things
I could have done better

I should’ve been
The guy you deserve

There’s a thousand ways
I could have been better

Now I know how low
It all can go

By Richard W. Bray

I’m glad I met you when I did

May 24, 2019

I met you when I did

I was
To flip my lid

Like a little kid

I met you when I did

I met you when I did

I was
Keeping my heart hid

No more
Off the grid

I met you when I did

by Richard W. Bray

when the bridge gates fall

May 18, 2019

When you can’t make it home
When you’re stuck in a rut
When the roads are frozen over
When everything is shut
When hope is mirage
When there’s torment in your gut

When the bridge gates fall
When you’re walking in the trees
When the world opens up
When your heart gets a squeeze
When you’re finally together
When you’re overwhelmed with ease

by Richard W. Bray

I ain’t crying anymore

April 21, 2019

All my girlfriends say
I should forget you double-quick
You’re a cruel lying monster
And an evil little prick

You cracked me open
Like an egg
You poured my guts out
On the floor
You can grovel–you can beg
But I don’t
Love you anymore

I let you use my car
You stupid stinky little cheat
It smelled like cheap perfume
You left her panties on my seat

You cracked me open
Like an egg
You poured my guts out
On the floor
I just need
To stop the bleeding
Cuz you cut me to the core

Kicked my dog and slapped my Pa
You tried to f—k my friends
I gave the cops a statement
Now this nighmare’s gonna end

You cracked me open
Like an egg
You poured my guts out
On the floor
My tear ducts
All run dry
But I ain’t crying anymore

by Richard W. Bray

you almost killed me with your smile

March 19, 2019

I didn’t take it too well
When you said we were through
You got a stone for a heart
What’s the matter with you?

You almost killed me
With your smile
So I’ll be bleeding
For a while

You were the happiest thing
In my sad little life
Then you took out my heart
With a rusty old knife

I ain’t got nothing left
But tears
I’m gonna bleed
For forty years

I didn’t take it too well
When you said we were through
You laughed in my face
When I asked if you were true

by Richard W. Bray

i love u like a puppy

February 2, 2019

i need to see you
every day
my insides hurt
when you’re away

i love you like a puppy
i couldn’t love you any more
i just wanna hold you
and curl up on the floor

you melt all my defenses
just by being you
you invigorate my senses
and fill me up with you

i love you like a puppy
i could live inside your gaze
you could make me happy
in a million different ways

by Richard W. Bray

SEO: A Love Story

November 17, 2018

I remember the times
When you sat on my lap
You shared your domain name
And showed me your sitemap

I had a high PageRank
The world was my stage
I was the solitary server
On your landing page

We were so optimized
And you threw it away
De-indexing my love
On a Whiteboard Friday

We had canonical love
It just isn’t right
For anyone else
To be crawling your site

I’m losing my mind
And I’m right on the brink
Why you gotta treat me
Like a no-follow link?

Follow the breadcrumbs
Back to my perch
You know where to find me
In an organic search

By Richard W. Bray

The Sound of a Woman

August 10, 2018

You’re not sick
You’re just in love

Irving Berlin

My hair’s falling out
And I got new pimple
Who ever said
Life would be simple?

When you’re around
I blush and stammer
I say stupid things
And forget my grammar

I walked by your house
Hoping we would meet
Then I found out
I was on the wrong street

When you’re around
I feel out of place
Sort of like a turtle
In a hundred meter race

I feel sort of dizzy
Everything is hazy
If I don’t see you more
It’s gonna make me crazy

When you’re around
The universe glistens
I really like your voice
So I’m just gonna listen

by Richard W. Bray