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When I fell for you

August 29, 2016


I fell head over heels
When I fell for you
I felt like the world
Had begun anew

I fell off a cliff
When I fell for you
I’m tattered and torn
And broken and bruised

I fell out of grace
When I fell for you
And I forgot all the things
That I thought I knew

The bottom fell out
When I fell for you
I don’t know who I am
Don’t know what to do

I fell on my face
When I fell for you
Now I’m down in a ditch
And I don’t like the view

I fell under your spell
When I fell for you
Must have been the Hemlock
In your witch’s brew

by Richard W. Bray


August 28, 2016


To fight aloud, is very brave–
But gallanter, I know
Who charge within the bosom
The Calvalry of Woe–

Emily Dickinson

I’m damaged and I’m blue
And I’m gonna damage you
The grief that grew and grew
Is the damage I can do
But I know it hurts me too
When I spread my hurt to you

Don’t wanna look within
At the hurt inside my skin
Or see the monster that I’ve been
Abusing kith and kin

Anger is my cage
But there is comfort in my rage

by Richard W. Bray

Two-bit Little Machiavelli

August 21, 2016


Seen your phony
Ass around
Kissing up
And kicking down

Back-stabbing con man
Shifty little cur
Smiling like a demon
You slander and slur

Big house of lies
Cunning little plan
Lying little weasel
Shifty little man

A two-faced
Sneaky snake
Spreading discord
In your wake

Playing all against
Each other
You’re the dude who
Snitched his mother

Sycophant, con man
Double-dealing liar
Pouring gasoline
Creep away from the fire

Just another
Dirty, smelly
Two-bit little

by Richard W. Bray

such a perfect fit

August 19, 2016


I never thought our love would quit
we felt like such a perfect fit

now it’s time for us to end
I hope someday we can be friends

we shared a love that burned and shined
then our love ran out of time

you were great and so was I
no one can say we didn’t try

so there’s nothing left to say
I just want you to be ok

time to kiss and say goodbye
we’ll have lots of time to cry

by Richard W. Bray

Shocking and New

August 14, 2016


The knowledge imposes a pattern, and falsifies,
For the pattern is new in every moment
And every moment is a new and shocking
Valuation of all we have been.

T.S. Eliot, East Coker

Don’t get caught in a pattern
Don’t get stuck in a rut
Don’t be ruled by a pain
In the pit of your gut

Don’t make a prison of the past
Don’t contest old wars
Don’t hesitate to open
An unfamiliar door

Don’t miss tomorrow for today
Don’t clutch the dead and gone
Don’t turn your whole life into
A sad country song

Be open for the future
It’s shocking and new
Can’t know what it is
Until it gets to you

by Richard W. Bray

Not a Good Plan

August 8, 2016


The girl I didn’t marry
The girl who loved me true
Was a precious little angel
Just like you

I had a good life
But I hadn’t figured out
Who I had to be
Or what I was about

She never ever knew
She couldn’t see
She fell in love
With the man I tried to be

That’s why I ran away
I couldn’t get locked in
Now I’ll never know
What we might have been

Now you wanna love me
That’s not a good plan
I still ain’t figured out
Who the hell I am

by Richard W. Bray


August 6, 2016


It’s a recurring deed
Not an aberration
The stupid bloody greed
Of the folks who own a nation

They bleed the land dry
With unstoppable predation
And loot and steal and lie
To increase their allocation

They will plunder every dollar
And suffocate the nation
If no one puts a collar
On their moral depredation

by Richard W. Bray