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Why aren’t there more people like you?

May 26, 2018

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Lovely, kind and gracious in so many things
   You do
In this crazy old world, you don’t have a
There’s a sparkle in your soul and twinkle in
   Your heart

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Quietly shielding others from the pain you’re
   Going through
Ignoring smears and rumors that others
   Wanna start
You’ve got better things to do than pick their
   Hate apart

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Instead of looking backward you’re happy
   To renew
Now is where we are and this journey is
The most important places are tomorrow
   And today

Why aren’t there more people
   Like you?

Your serenity and wisdom enhance my
   Point of view
You generate sweet harmony from so much
The rhythms of the universe conducting
   Your ballet

by Richard W. Bray

ibble-snabble wibble-wabble wicka wacka woo

May 20, 2018

ibble-snabble wibble-wabble
wicka-wacka woo

I wanna be the man
Who gets to spend my life with you

Sometimes people say
That I don’t make a lot of sense
They say that I’m a stalker
Cuz I stand outside your fence

wimpa-wampa dubba-dampa
bimpy-bampy boo

I’ll be gone tomorrow
If you tell me to

Sometimes I get silly
But I’m serious as hell
Things you make me feel
Are impossible to tell

numble-namble bimble-bamble
limba-lamba loom

Tell me how your presence
Makes a million flowers bloom

No place in the universe
That I’d rather be
Waiting for an angel
Underneath a cherry tree

by Richard W. Bray

fifty-seven lies

May 19, 2018

It takes fifty-seven lies
Just to get you outta bed
Lies are like a fungus
That grows inside your head
You need a journal to keep track of
All the lies you ever said

Once upon a time
There was a girl who loved you true
Now there’s someone in the mirror
But you swear it isn’t you
The lovely thoughts you’re thinking
And those ugly things you do

Your heart is black and rancid
And you can’t erase the stain
You got booze and you got pills
To protect you from the pain
An umbrella in a hurricane
Won’t keep away the rain

Your body and your soul
Are in a nasty civil war
You just keep on doing
Crazy things you did before
There’s gonna come a time
When you can’t take it anymore

You choked to death on love
That you were too afraid to give
On your tombstone it will say
That you had too much pride to live
Some folks choose to die
When it’s too frightful to forgive

by Richard W. Bray

I took a step back and I took a look around

May 10, 2018

Trouble comes up on you
In a million different ways
The man who isn’t ready
Is the man who’s gonna pay

I took a step back
And I took a look around

I damped down the fire
And I gathered up the hounds

You never know what’s coming
So you gotta be wise
Gotta keep your balance
And open your eyes

I took a step back
And I took a look around

I kept myself frosty
While making the rounds

Knew a lot of good men
Who made a mistake
Didn’t see what was coming
Till it was too late

I took a step back
And I took a look around

You can’t ignore trouble
When it’s gaining ground

by Richard W. Bray

Higher Learning

May 7, 2018

Used to make it complicated
Like a hamster spinning round
She taught me how to pause
And to slow it all down

She taught me how to live
With the stillness of a flower
She created a world
Where a minute was an hour

She taught me how to feel
She intensified my view
Until nothing else mattered
We were a nation of two

She taught me how to live
Without giving a care
She taught me how to breathe
When there wasn’t any air

She taught me how float
At the top of the sky
Then she disappeared
And I learned how to cry

by Richard W. Bray

Says he loves me all the time

May 1, 2018

He says his marriage
Is really a jail
I could rip her to shreds
With my fingernails

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

She doesn’t even know
Who he really is
Would’ve left her long ago
If it wasn’t for the kids

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

She’s a bitch and a hag
And a vampire shrew
She’s never gonna love him
The way I do

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

My life would be perfect
If it wasn’t for her
That spoiled little bitch
With her diamonds and pearls

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

Waiting just see him
Anytime I can
I’m never gonna stop
Fighting for my man

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

by Richard W. Bray

Cultivating Melodrama

April 27, 2018

Constant crisis
That’s what
Life is

My soul is overbooked
My brain is overworked
My synapses are frazzled
I’m about to go berserk

Numb to everything
But trauma
Cultivating melodrama

Every time I turn around
Something hits the fan
The universe collapsing
It’s more than I can stand

Buried in catastrophe
I spend my life
Avoiding me

by Richard W. Bray

You’re saying you’re a dumbass when you’re ragging on your mate

April 22, 2018

You’re saying you’re a dumbass
When you’re ragging on your mate
You’re the one who picked her
It’s not a cosmic twist of fate

You’re saying you’re a jackass
When you complain, complain, complain
You act like such a victim
Like your marriage was arranged

You’re saying you’re a loser
When you say she treats you wrong
Do you wanna live your life
In a sorry country song?

You’re saying that you’re helpless
Cuz she don’t love you any more
Like I should draw you a map
To help you find the door

By Richard W. Bray

Seven little words

April 17, 2018

Seven little words built the blade
Twisting like a steak knife
In my heart

I really like you for a friend
(I always knew this thing would end)

Seven little words that never fade
Echo like a foghorn
In my head

I really like you for a friend
(Now I have parties to attend)

Seven little words my hell made
Tearing like a buzzsaw
At my soul

I really like you for a friend
(It was amusing to pretend)

by Richard W. Bray

All up in my Kool-aid

April 14, 2018

Known you for five minutes
And you’re all about my bizness

You’re the type of guy
Who can never a hint
You say I looked your way
But ya know I really didn’t

All up in my Kool-aid
You won’t even let me breathe
I never showed an interest
Now you’re calling me a tease

You give a lot of orders
But you don’t respect my borders

Asking bout my family
Asking bout my kid
Every place I ever been
And everything I did

A girl has got a right
To be left alone
You’re six feet tall
So act like you’re grown

By Richard W. Bray