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From Paris to the Nile

November 16, 2017

Pick your diamond pick your pearl there is beauty in the world
Macy Gray

You’ll never see a sunset
Hanging on the wall
You can’t buy any moonlight
At your local mall

You can find a billion
Emeralds and pearls
In the overwhelming joy
Of a bunch of boys and girls

I could dig up every gemstone
From Paris to the Nile
I’ll never know a treasure
Greater than your smile

by Richard W. Bray


November 4, 2017

The Russians broke in
When I was outta town
Drank all my whiskey
And burned the place down

The Russians ate my homework
And Putin hacked my phone
My boyfriend saw his dick pic
And now I’m all alone

My manager’s a Russian
He’s an undercover Tsar
Always hacking at my server
And eating caviar

Down in every basement
Under every bed
There’s a sneaky Russian agent
They know everything you said

Call the Justice League
And summon Chuck Norris
Cuz we’re under assault
From Natasha and Boris

by Richard W. Bray

Bouncing in Your Brain

October 28, 2017

Your foreman is an asshole
He treats you like a rat
You take your anger home
And blame it on your cat

Feelings aren’t smart
They’re not even sane
Like a ping pong ball
Bouncing in your brain

Voice inside you saying
Your folks are always right
So you must’ve deserved it
When they beat you every night

Thoughts get jumbled
And feelings tangle up
Like a mess of rusty razors
Tearing at your gut

by Richard W. Bray


October 20, 2017

Lower taxes for the wealthy
And the never-ending war
Can’t afford to fix the bridges
Never talk about the poor

Those fancy noble pundits
Talking on tv
All worried ‘bout decorum
Blah blah blah civility

It’s fully copacetic
Dropping 20 thousand bombs
If you do it with a smile
And you’re good at looking calm

Crooks and politicians
Keep on getting paid
Plundering our country
And calling it free trade

by Richard W. Bray

or let it kill you

October 12, 2017

Digesting people’s problems
Now you’re such a nervous wreck
It’s a powerful distraction
Like a weight around your neck

Let it go
Or let it kill you
Live your life or play a role
You can let their drama fill you
But it leaves a giant hole

Some secrets are so scary
You even keep them from yourself
And drive them underneath
Until they devastate your health

Let it out
Or let it kill you
Sunken Secrets take a toll
Don’t submerge yourself until you
Rot the bosom of your soul

by Richard W. Bray

When you see somebody happy

October 8, 2017

When you see somebody happy
Does it leave you feeling blue?
Do you wish for some affliction
To take them down a notch or two?

When you see somebody happy

Do you wonder if they’re true?
Like nobody should be happy
Who ain’t good enough for you

When you see somebody happy

Does it make you happy, too?
Do you get a little mad
They’re not miserable like you?

by Richard W. Bray

my dirty draggled brain

October 7, 2017

Funny how fallin’ feels like flyin’
for a little while

Stephen Bruton and Gary Nicholson

didn’t know I was asleep
till I woke up in this cell
with my dirty draggled brain
and a brand-new coat of smell

had a special girl who loved me
she tried to get me well
I had happiness and comfort
till I blew it all to hell

I took a couple drinks
didn’t have a care
then I stepped right off a cliff
and tried to dance on air

the bottle is my sweetheart
we’re such a lovely pair
but she don’t love me when I wake up
with vomit in my hair

didn’t know I was asleep
till I woke up in this cell
with my dirty draggled brain
and a brand-new coat of smell

by Richard W. Bray

Like I Should’ve Loved You

October 1, 2017

I took your daddy’s truck
I called your mom a ho
Stole your brother’s piggy bank
And spent it all on blow

Your heart was sincere
Your love was good and true
There ain’t no fixin’
What I done to you

I pawned all your jewelry
When you took a nap
Did your cousin and your sister
And gave ’em both the clap

Your heart was sincere
Your love was good and true
There ain’t no fixin’
What I done to you

All my rowdy friends
Ransacked your home
I binged for a week
So you could clean it up alone

Someday I’ll meet another
Who loves me good and true
I hope that I can love her
Like I should’ve loved you

by Richard W. Bray

Jesus in Gym Shorts

September 16, 2017

the Secret sits in the middle and knows
Robert Frost, Secret Sits

I headed for the hills
I needed introspection
To muffle my mind
And calibrate direction

Jesus in gym shorts
Smiled and waved “hi”
He was happy and barefoot
As he jogged on by

Was He an apparition
Was he a regular guy?
I searched for a sign
And looked to the sky

I caught up with the jogger
He gave me his advice:
“Always eat your vegetables
And try and act nice”

I could ask a thousand questions
Things that can’t be known
We live a wild dance
But the Secret sits alone

By Richard W. Bray

the warmth of you

September 9, 2017

the warmth of you
melts away the hurt
love like a river
washing out the dirt

the song of you
pulses through my mind
your tender melody
compassionate and kind

the joy of you
sparkles like a star
I wish I could absorb
everything you are

by Richard W. Bray