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never said i was nice

May 24, 2020

To tease em, and thrill em, to torture and kill em,
Is her delight, they say

Hard Hearted Hannah. Lyrics by Jack Yellen, Bob Bigelow, and Charles Bates

never said
i was nice
you got some sugar
with your spice
now it’s time
to run along
here’s a dime
to call your mom

never said
i was nice
love isn’t always
thank your stars
you got to be
with someone
as cool as me

never said
i was nice
please don’t make
me tell you twice
it shouldn’t be hard
to find the door
you don’t amuse
me anymore

by Richard W. Bray

cruel and crazy universe

May 5, 2020

rain outside your window
breath upon my arm
cruel & crazy universe
ain’t doing me no harm

deliver me from tempest
in a cozy little room
shelter me till morning
with your body’s silent tune

all is made to fade away
and every creature dies
people come and people go
and only love abides

by Richard W. Bray

every moment

March 31, 2020

The way you changed my life
No, no they can’t take that away from me

Ira Gershwin

i could have
loved you better
in a million
different ways

you’ll be in
every moment
till the bygone
of my days

that came before
was leading
up to you

i’m feeling now
is from your

i’m better
cuz of you
in a million
different ways

you’ll be in
every moment
till the bygone
of my days

by Richard W. Bray

somewhere there’s a rainbow

February 1, 2020


somewhere there’s a rainbow
as beautiful as you
i ain’t never seen it
but they tell me that it’s true

somehow you appeared
when i was falling apart
you sheltered me from chaos
with your beautiful heart

sometimes life is vicious
it takes everything away
it left me with a hurting
that’s impossible to say

somehow i keep going
what else can i do?
with a little bit of hope for
the world that gave me you

by Richard W. Bray

kicked in the heart

August 10, 2019

We’re good together
It’s ready to start
Will I jump over the moon
Or get kicked in the heart?

I hear a song playing
For me and for you
Is it Over the Rainbow?
Or Little Boy Blue?

I’m a little bit timid
If you’ll pardon my scars
Does this stairway go down
Or straight to the stars

I’ve been here before
And it didn’t end well
Will you be my salvation
Or my ticket to hell?

By Richard W. Bray

Masochism is my best friend

July 29, 2019

masochism is lots of fun
my psyche is a loaded gun
I maximize my agony
by blaming everything on me

masochism is really cool
a crackerjack survival tool
I got booze and chemistry
to lubricate my misery

masochism is my best friend
we’ll be together till the end
it puts my nerves on overdrive
and makes me feel so alive

by Richard W. Bray


July 10, 2019

Yeah, I did your girlfriend
But it wasn’t my fault
If you weren’t home early
We wouldn’t have gotten caught

Yeah, I crashed your car
But why you blaming me?
You locked your front door
But you didn’t hide your keys

I said, “I’ll always love you
You’re the only one I see”
I was loyal for a week
Which is pretty good for me

Everywhere I go
All the people I meet
They make do bad things
I steal, lie and cheat

It’s a crazy crooked world
And everyone is rotten
Doesn’t matter what you do
It will soon be forgotten

By Richard W. Bray


July 4, 2019

feelings are
so complicated
you got me
all agitated

my body is
so complicated
good to go
and activated

people are
so complicated
ain’t no two
the same created

is complicated
everything just

love and life
are complicated
i wish my heart
was nickel-plated

by Richard W. Bray

Never Said I Was Sane

June 29, 2019

You gave me your love
And I threw it down a drain
You should have paid attention
Never said I was sane

Tried to clear out my head
With a pound of cocaine
And a gallon of whiskey
Never said I was sane

I held up an army
Left a pretty big stain
They locked me up for good
Never said I was sane

They gave me some tests
To study my brain
I’m a wee bit psychotic
Never said I was sane

They got me breaking rocks
On a ball and chain
I’m just glad to stay busy
Never said I was sane

by Richard W. Bray

a thousand ways I could have been better

June 15, 2019

There’s a thousand times
I could have been better

I got angry
I said the wrong word

There’s a thousand ways
I could have been better

Didn’t ever show up
For your world

There’s a thousand things
I could have done better

I should’ve been
The guy you deserve

There’s a thousand ways
I could have been better

Now I know how low
It all can go

By Richard W. Bray