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Public Relations

November 13, 2021

Public Relations
Give yourself a prize
Dancing like scarecrow
Who believes its own lies

Public Relations
The opposite of health
You’re not into truth
You’re into yourself

Public Relations
The perfect façade
A rumor of existence 
A mountain of sod

Public Relations
Who would suspect?
You gotta be real
If you wanna connect

by Richard W. Bray

a man-hating woman and a woman-hating man

September 8, 2021
a man-hating woman
and a woman-hating man
raised a couple kids
in a pool of quicksand

daughter got away
and overcome the sad
angry little mama's boy
blames everything on dad

a man-hating woman 
and a woman-hating man

smells and yells and warning bells
forty years of rage
and they never even knew
they built their own cage

by Richard W. Bray


September 5, 2021

There’s nothing true
In things that people 
Say and do…

wasting all your time 
until you’re dead
living other people’s lives 
inside your head
you might try
and live your own 

What a clown
That stupid guy 
His perfect life 
Is such a lie…

wasting all your time 
until you’re dead
living other people’s lives 
inside your head
you might try 
and live your own 

by Richard W. Bray

public relations

March 8, 2020

You torture your kids
You terrorize your wife
But you’re a
Wonderful man
In your fantasy life

Life isn’t public relations
You can’t erase the hurt
With a well-written statement

Nobody believes
Your silly façade
Not your friends
Not your family
Not even your dog

Life isn’t public relations
Are you fake and insincere
From birth to cremation?

By Richard W. Bray

I’m too old to be such a dumbass

September 29, 2019

I’m too old to be such a dumbass
Someday, I’ll pay
For each one of my sins
Catting and carousing
Till daylight
St. Peter’s gonna
Curse my silly grin

I’m too old to be such a dumbass
I’m sorry for
The selfish things I done
I left a trail of heartache
And hurting
I gotta say
I had a lotta fun

I’m too old to be such a
I’m about to bust
My weary frame
It’s too late for any excuses
I spent a lifetime
Shifting all the blame

I’m too old to be such a dumbass

I feel bad
For all them things I said
I’ve always been
A real late bloomer
I’m gonna change
Right after I am dead

By Richard W. Bray

fake, fake smile

September 11, 2019

You’re a mean little phony
From your head to your shoes
The fake, fake smile
Of a fake like you

Your tongue is infected
Like the words you spew
The fake, fake charm
Of a fake like you

There’s a blade in the back
For everyone you knew
The fake, fake friendly
Of a fake like you

You said we were perfect
You’d always be true
The fake, fake love
Of a fake like you

Everybody learns
And now I know it too
The fake, fake heart
Of a fake like you

By Richard W. Bray

I can fix him

August 30, 2019

And once they have you, safe and sound,
They want to change you all around.

Dorothy Parker

I can change him
I can fix him
Make him do
Just what I say
I can bend him
I can mold him
Like a big ole
Ball of clay

I’ll carve him up
Like a banana
He’ll be my
Special toy
If you want
To own a man
Treat him like
A little boy

Men are helpless
Men are silly
Men are stupid
Men are weak
I can guide him
I can dress him
I can change
The way he speaks

He don’t know
No better
He’s a senseless
Waste of life
I’ll own the pockets
In his pants
I’ll own his nuts
I’ll be his wife

I’ll put his ass to work
I’ll never let him slip
I’m doing him a favor
Just watch me crack my whip

by Richard W. Bray

It Cuts Both Ways

August 24, 2019


Sanctimony and masochism are two sides of the same coin.
Richard W. Bray

Lazy drunken losers
Stupid punks & fools
I call em as I see em
But I don’t make the rules

Homeless doped-out drifters
Squatting in the street
Helpless hopeless vagrants
No shoes on their feet

Nasty nutty morons
A perpetual disgrace
They sour my disposition
And crinkle up my face

Filthy smutty floozies
They’re out of control
Hardening my heart
They muddy up my soul

Judgement and resentment
Impair your mental health
Swing your blade around 
Till you mutilate yourself

By Richard W. Bray


July 10, 2019

Yeah, I did your girlfriend
But it wasn’t my fault
If you weren’t home early
We wouldn’t have gotten caught

Yeah, I crashed your car
But why you blaming me?
You locked your front door
But you didn’t hide your keys

I said, “I’ll always love you
You’re the only one I see”
I was loyal for a week
Which is pretty good for me

Everywhere I go
All the people I meet
They make do bad things
I steal, lie and cheat

It’s a crazy crooked world
And everyone is rotten
Doesn’t matter what you do
It will soon be forgotten

By Richard W. Bray

Never Said I Was Sane

June 29, 2019

You gave me your love
And I threw it down a drain
You should have paid attention
Never said I was sane

Tried to clear out my head
With a pound of cocaine
And a gallon of whiskey
Never said I was sane

I held up an army
Left a pretty big stain
They locked me up for good
Never said I was sane

They gave me some tests
To study my brain
I’m a wee bit psychotic
Never said I was sane

They got me breaking rocks
On a ball and chain
I’m just glad to stay busy
Never said I was sane

by Richard W. Bray