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February 15, 2018

Tell me everything about you
Everything you ever did
Every thought you ever had
Since you were a kid

I need to comprehend you
Right down to the core
I need to write your story
And tally up your score

Hero, goddess, superstar
Scoundrel, lowlife, sinner
I live to differentiate
The loser from the winner

I’ll tell you what you’re all about
Reduce you to a label
Find the moral of your life
And tell the world your fable

by Richard W. Bray

Fixating Fixater

January 20, 2018

Fixating fixater
Frightened of yourself
Never stop talking
About everybody else

Fixating Fixater
Hanging by a thread
Neurotic fabrications
Stuck inside your head

Fixating fixater
Yackity yap yap
Pointing all your fingers
And talking loads of crap

Fixating fixater
Hiding from the pain
Take a slow breath
And look inside your brain

by Richard W. Bray

Other People’s Problems

May 31, 2011

Other People’s Problems

Ever’body got a gift
And I was born to see
Other people’s problems
It’s my spesh-ee-al-i-tee
I’m just here to help them
Be the best they’ll ever be
Got so much time to do it
Cuz there’s nothing wrong with me

My daddy is a sweetheart
But he likes to take a swig
He lives to serve his country
When he ain’t in the brig
And you know I love my mama
Despite everywhere she been
And all my friends and neighbors
Are such paragons of sin:

Sarah is a diva,
Lester is a drunk
Harold is a pervert,
And a weasel and a punk
They tell me “mind your business”
But I know it’s bunk
They pretend that they’re all rosy
When they really smell like skunk

Ever’body got a gift
And I was born to see
Other people’s problems
It’s my spesh-ee-al-i-tee
An Egyptian river is
Where I ought to be
Thinking about you
Replaces thinking about me

by Richard W. Bray


May 19, 2011

dont be
comin round
to bring me down
with tales you
pass around
dont need that strife
go live your life
somewhere else
you clown

it aint my job
to explain
the ways of me
to you
and I aint here
to live my life
like you want
me to

i dont care
what they say
i dont care
what you hear
so take
your talk
and your self
far away
from here

by Richard W. Bray