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Beware the Wooky Wabble

November 19, 2021

Beware the Wooky Wabble
In the Torple Tapple Tree
He vexonted Carroll Lewis
And he almost blurbled me

Beware the Wooky Wabble
Deceptive in its art
He looks just like a nuknak
But he’s wipple wapple smart

Beware the Wooky Wabble
With his chriomatic forge
He swings a brutesome blade
Lacerating Gordon George

Beware the Wooky Wabble
He sporpled Miss D.H.
She keeps on writing books
But they’re only one page

Beware the Wooky Wabble
He bedeviled Milton John
He behemothed Shelley Percy
Till the raspity of dawn

by Richard W. Bray

Public Relations

November 13, 2021

Public Relations
Give yourself a prize
Dancing like scarecrow
Who believes its own lies

Public Relations
The opposite of health
You’re not into truth
You’re into yourself

Public Relations
The perfect façade
A rumor of existence 
A mountain of sod

Public Relations
Who would suspect?
You gotta be real
If you wanna connect

by Richard W. Bray


November 6, 2021

Shooting star across the sky
Oh my God, we’re gonna die
I never want to walk around
There’s a chance I might fall down
Live a life of melodrama
Stay inside and call your mama

If that girl won’t go out with me
I’ll live a life of misery
If I’m not getting perfects marks
I’ll be sleeping in the park
When every hill’s a mountaintop
The agony will never stop

I got a pain inside my head
Pretty soon I will be dead
Every surface must be scoured
I boil my food for several hours
Breathe and think and slow your hurry
You don’t need to feed your worry

by Richard W. Bray