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What Was I Thinking?

January 31, 2016


And I wonder sometimes, what is it in me that hates me?

Richard Wilbur, Complaint

What was I thinking?
Am I insane?
I wonder what happens
Inside my brain

Boss took me out
To announce my promotion
I puked on his shoes
And got a demotion

Whenever life hands me
The perfect shot
It ties up my tongue
In a perfect knot

She asked for my number
I was ready to score
Why did I tell her
She looks like a whore?

Whenever I’m offered
A True Romance
I flub all my lines
And ruin my chance

My mind is an iceberg
I just see the tip
I cannot control
What comes across my lips

by Richard W. Bray

Sick Sad Love

January 24, 2016


The way you treat your woman
Makes me wanna cry
You disgrace our gender
You’re a fraction of a guy
A million times you told her
She can’t do nothing right
You’re a tyrant and a terror
You’re so angry and uptight
Nothing she could try and do
Will ever be ok
Why you wanna be with
Someone you treat that way?

The way you treat your feller
Makes my gonads ache
Like he should live to serve you
For goodness gracious sake
Everything you say is
A complaint or a command
I could live a thousand years
And never understand
Why it makes you happy
To treat anyone that way
I’m just glad I won’t be ‘round
To watch your love decay

by Richard W. Bray

Hope and Change or Just More of the Same?

January 16, 2016

Like Bill and George
He wants them speaking fees
So it’s the One Percent
That he’s gotta please

They steal our homes
They poison our kids
And our politicians
Seek the highest bid

His words are so pretty
But his words ain’t free
He don’t fight for the people
He fights for TPP

It’s incredibly sad
But it ain’t strange
Hope and Change
Just means more of the same

by Richard W. Bray