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The Decency to Die

September 21, 2018

Everything I ever wanted
Showed up and it was you
Then you sighed and said
That you had other things to do…

I found myself a hole
And I filled my guts with rye
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

I soaked up so much hurtin
And I drank my soul dry
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

I fought with every fool
Who had a drink to buy
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

Puking blood and squirting mud
And breathing to be high
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

Today they see me healthy
They smile and wonder why
He didn’t have
The decency to die

by Richard W. Bray

Chewing gum and chicken wire

July 8, 2018

My situation is kinda dire
Got rusty rims and baldy tires
Chewing gum and chicken wire
Keeping all my shit together

My well is dry, my luck is dryer
My crops are dead, my barn caught fire
I’m half foreclosed without a buyer
I ain’t dead but I’ve been better

Ain’t got much left
I’m still a man
I’m doing
Everything I can

My baby took a bus one day
And said she’d be back right away
She sent a letter yesterday
Saying where to send her stuff

I ain’t the type to kneel and pray
You’ll never hear me bitch and bray
But Lord them skies are awful gray
And things are looking tough

Ain’t got much left
I’m still a man
I’m doing
Everything I can

Richard W. Bray

You were right and I was wrong

June 20, 2018

You were right and I was wrong
Now my life’s a country song
About a man who lost his wife
Wrecked his home and ruined his life

You were right and I was wrong
I lost the place where I belong
You found out—you said goodbye
I hate my wicked wayward eye

You were right and I was wrong
And everything I love is gone
Thought I could have a little fling
It wasn’t worth my wedding ring

You were right and I was wrong
You said be true or say so long
I tried to split my life in two
And eat my cake and have you too

You were right and I was wrong
I was weak and you’re so strong
I have to live with what I did
I miss my home—I miss my kids

By Richard W. Bray

above ground

May 31, 2018

I climbed a rope ladder
To your balcony
That was the place
You said you were gonna be

I found out later
You were way across town
You’re trying so hard
To put me in the ground

You’re always saying
It’s only you and me
But everybody knows
I’m just your Plan B

I had enough whiskey
To make a man drown
But you still haven’t got me
Under the ground

I ran into a wall
Cuz you said it was funny
I gave you my heart
I gave you my money

Stuck my head up my ass
To be your clown
But somehow I managed
To stay above ground

Finally figured out
You’re not the whole world
There’s over a billion
Available girls

The sky is blue
And the Earth is round
I got a nice girl
Keeping me above ground

by Richard W. Bray

fifty-seven lies

May 19, 2018

It takes fifty-seven lies
Just to get you outta bed
Lies are like a fungus
That grows inside your head
You need a journal to keep track of
All the lies you ever said

Once upon a time
There was a girl who loved you true
Now there’s someone in the mirror
But you swear it isn’t you
The lovely thoughts you’re thinking
And those ugly things you do

Your heart is black and rancid
And you can’t erase the stain
You got booze and you got pills
To protect you from the pain
An umbrella in a hurricane
Won’t keep away the rain

Your body and your soul
Are in a nasty civil war
You just keep on doing
Crazy things you did before
There’s gonna come a time
When you can’t take it anymore

You choked to death on love
That you were too afraid to give
On your tombstone it will say
That you had too much pride to live
Some folks choose to die
When it’s too frightful to forgive

by Richard W. Bray

Higher Learning

May 7, 2018

Used to make it complicated
Like a hamster spinning round
She taught me how to pause
And to slow it all down

She taught me how to live
With the stillness of a flower
She created a world
Where a minute was an hour

She taught me how to feel
She intensified my view
Until nothing else mattered
We were a nation of two

She taught me how to live
Without giving a care
She taught me how to breathe
When there wasn’t any air

She taught me how float
At the top of the sky
Then she disappeared
And I learned how to cry

by Richard W. Bray

Seven little words

April 17, 2018

Seven little words built the blade
Twisting like a steak knife
In my heart

I really like you for a friend
(I always knew this thing would end)

Seven little words that never fade
Echo like a foghorn
In my head

I really like you for a friend
(Now I have parties to attend)

Seven little words my hell made
Tearing like a buzzsaw
At my soul

I really like you for a friend
(It was amusing to pretend)

by Richard W. Bray

My biggest hurt was hurting you

April 5, 2018

My biggest hurt
Was hurting you
I’m dumber than
A worn out shoe
Ain’t nothing
I could ever do
To make up for your pain

I sit and cry
And fret and moan
Deserve to spend
My life alone
I miss your smile
And your cologne
I need another brain

Your memory
Is all I get
The sweetest girl
I ever met
And happiness
I can’t forget
I live my life in vain

by Richard W. Bray

a million bloody teardrops

March 21, 2018

A million bloody teardrops
Drying out my soul
A thousand days without you
Ain’t no bottom of the hole

The only thing I have
Is nothing
The only thing I did
Was injure you
The only thing I feel
Is empty
Cuz you’re the only one
Who loved me true

I only know tomorrow
Will be sadder than today
I know I had it all
And I let it slip away

The only thing I have
Is freedom
The only thing I want
Is me and you
The only thing I do
Is break things
The only thing I know
Is I love you

by Richard W. Bray

The Melody Lingers

February 8, 2018

I cannot unhurt you
I can only walk away
I hope we find tomorrow
What we cannot give today

Everything I am
And all I’ll ever be
Connects to who you are
Connects to you and me

Bleeding in the twilight
Of a special melody
The tune that hurts and heals
Is the love you gave to me

by Richard W. Bray