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The Decency to Die

September 21, 2018

Everything I ever wanted
Showed up and it was you
Then you sighed and said
That you had other things to do…

I found myself a hole
And I filled my guts with rye
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

I soaked up so much hurtin
And I drank my soul dry
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

I fought with every fool
Who had a drink to buy
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

Puking blood and squirting mud
And breathing to be high
But I didn’t have
The decency to die

Today they see me healthy
They smile and wonder why
He didn’t have
The decency to die

by Richard W. Bray

Stinky Thinky Said

August 25, 2018

Stinky Thinky said:
Why did God create me?
Everything is wrong
The universe must hate me

Stinky Thinky said:
She asked me for my name
She probably wants my money
Or maybe she’s insane

Stinky Thinky said:
There’s a spot on my skin
I’m probably gonna die
I’m calling all my kin

Stinky Thinky said:
I’m looking out for you
I don’t tell you things
Cuz it makes you so blue

Stinky Thinky said:
Life is such a shame
So much evil in the world
I take all the blame

Stinky Thinky hides
From all of his actions
By creating a storm
Of noise and distraction

by Richard W. Bray


July 22, 2018

Abuse and sting and mock and shame
Afflicting torment like a game
Find a person you can break
And feed the universal ache

Careless quips and mutilations
Stabs and wounds and lacerations
Snubs and swipes and small offenses
Brutal taunts that stun the senses

Tell yourself that you are brave
Or moan you’re just a cosmic slave
Who only does what others do
Attacking all who damage you

Maybe that’s just what we are
Scorpions inside a jar
Or maybe you use poison darts
To build a cage around your heart

by Richard W. Bray

This is easy to explain

July 12, 2018

Your wife came in and found you
In your king-sized bed
With her sister and her cousin
And this is what you said:

“This isn’t what it looks like
But it’s easy to explain
Your cousin spilled some grape juice
And the bed was getting stained

“So your sister came right over
With a bottle of detergent
We all started scrubbing
It was getting pretty urgent…”

She said:

It’s time to stop your digging
You can put the shovel down
Now y’all get to stepping
Before I put my rifle down

Politician told the people
He had our back for the duration
Then the fat cats filled his wallet
While he bankrupted the nation

“This isn’t what it looks like
But it’s easy to explain
I need a billion dollars
To finance my campaign

“You gotta believe me
Hear my words and read my lips
I would never take a bribe
But I do accept tips…”

When the voters gonna say?

It’s time to stop your digging
You can put the shovel down
You’re slick but we ain’t stupid
Time to get out of town

by Richard W. Bray

Give No Quarter in Dispute

June 30, 2018

Be obnoxious, be a dick
Quarrel, quibble, contradict
State your case and never quit
Advocate the opposite

Be slimier and slicker
Contest, annoy and bicker
Mix it up and disagree
Create your own reality

Give no quarter in dispute
Be doctrinaire and absolute
Never agree with anyone
And always tell yourself you won

By Richard W. Bray

You were right and I was wrong

June 20, 2018

You were right and I was wrong
Now my life’s a country song
About a man who lost his wife
Wrecked his home and ruined his life

You were right and I was wrong
I lost the place where I belong
You found out—you said goodbye
I hate my wicked wayward eye

You were right and I was wrong
And everything I love is gone
Thought I could have a little fling
It wasn’t worth my wedding ring

You were right and I was wrong
You said be true or say so long
I tried to split my life in two
And eat my cake and have you too

You were right and I was wrong
I was weak and you’re so strong
I have to live with what I did
I miss my home—I miss my kids

By Richard W. Bray

Den of Gripers

June 15, 2018

In the corner of the lunchroom
There’s a bunch of sour groaners
Whining bout their problems
Cuz they’re all just stupid moaners

Attacking & accusing
It’s a horde of angry gripers
Feeding on each other
Like a den of killer vipers

Dissatisfaction validated
From a whimper to a whine
With all the manners & decorum
Of a heard of squealing swine

Cynical & fussy
Right Down to their grouchy britches
Deliver me, Oh Lord
From such a prickly bunch of bitches

by Richard W. Bray

fifty-seven lies

May 19, 2018

It takes fifty-seven lies
Just to get you outta bed
Lies are like a fungus
That grows inside your head
You need a journal to keep track of
All the lies you ever said

Once upon a time
There was a girl who loved you true
Now there’s someone in the mirror
But you swear it isn’t you
The lovely thoughts you’re thinking
And those ugly things you do

Your heart is black and rancid
And you can’t erase the stain
You got booze and you got pills
To protect you from the pain
An umbrella in a hurricane
Won’t keep away the rain

Your body and your soul
Are in a nasty civil war
You just keep on doing
Crazy things you did before
There’s gonna come a time
When you can’t take it anymore

You choked to death on love
That you were too afraid to give
On your tombstone it will say
That you had too much pride to live
Some folks choose to die
When it’s too frightful to forgive

by Richard W. Bray

Anita Favor

May 11, 2018

Wally walks my poodle
Such a silly little dunce
I totally deserve it
Cuz I smiled at him once

Albert does my homework
I always get an “A”
I’ll let him buy me dinner
Or shine my shoes someday

Brenda gives me clothing
That she only wore one time
I’m telling all my girlfriends
To stop treating her like swine

Dennis does the dishes
Parks the car and cooks my meals
I can just imagine
How wonderful this feels

Chloé cleans my bathroom
And she doesn’t mind the smell
If she ever disobeys me
I’ll make her life a living hell

I’m popular and pretty
And my family’s really rich
If I didn’t know me better
I’d probably think that I’m a bitch

Richard W. Bray

Says he loves me all the time

May 1, 2018

He says his marriage
Is really a jail
I could rip her to shreds
With my fingernails

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

She doesn’t even know
Who he really is
Would’ve left her long ago
If it wasn’t for the kids

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

She’s a bitch and a hag
And a vampire shrew
She’s never gonna love him
The way I do

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

My life would be perfect
If it wasn’t for her
That spoiled little bitch
With her diamonds and pearls

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

Waiting just see him
Anytime I can
I’m never gonna stop
Fighting for my man

Someday he’s gonna be all mine
Says he loves me all the time

by Richard W. Bray