My fire used to burn when it was stoked
Never cleaned the chimney; house full of smoke
Creosote ain’t no kinda joke
Time to fix my bike; tighten every spoke

My dog used to love me till today
I ran outta food; guess he run away
I go to the park; no one to play
Canine nutrition; important every day

My friends came over every night
Didn’t pay my bill; turned off all my lights
Now my possessions; completely outta’ sight
Much misery for a simple oversight

My mother used to feed me every day
Then I grew up; she made me move away
Fast food and frozen dinners; really not okay
Learn how to cook before going on your way

A maid used to come and clean my place
Till it got so messy; simply a disgrace
Everyone says I’m a basket case
That housekeeper can never be replaced

My uncle used to help me fix my car
I never checked my oil; won’t make it too far
I’m filling all the skies; smoke, soot and tar
Check those fluids; be a highway star

Neglect used to be my middle name
Caused so much trouble; had to change my game
First thing I did; accept all blame
Ignoring all my problems; just too lame

by Richard W. Bray

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