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Peer Pressure (and Getting Paid)

October 6, 2016


All the other pundits say we have to be strong
So I’d look pretty stupid if I didn’t go along
Pundits work for think tanks so we know a lot of things
Strength means dropping cluster bombs on helpless human beings

All the other pundits say America must lead
It isn’t our concern if millions have to bleed
Our enemies respect us when we’re muscular and bold
Our paymasters reward us based upon munitions sold

All the other pundits say we must support our friends
Don’t obsess on means if you can justify the ends
Friends can chop some heads if they possess a lot of oil
Friends with good locations set their enemies to boil

All the other pundits say we must pay any price
And pundits live in neighborhoods and houses that are nice
Pundits tell you simple folk what is wrong and right
Pundits think that wars are great for other folks to fight

by Richard W. Bray

Politicians Begging Scraps off a Rich Man’s Table

June 6, 2015

AAAAAAAAAAAAorgan grinder

I’ll sing you a story
That ain’t no fable
Politicians begging scraps
Off a rich man’s table

They sing for their supper
They dance for dessert
American people
Get left in the dirt

Stealing from the poor
And giving to the rich
Leaving everyone else
Stuck in a ditch

So easy to buy
A congressional flunky
Like an organ grinder
With a cute little monkey

by Richard W. Bray

Ballad of the Pitiable Politician

July 20, 2012

I love the working man
And I’d walk your picket line
But my wingtips give me bunions
And my sneakers need a shine
And it’s so darn hot
When I’m out in the sunny
You know I feel your pain
But I love that dirtymoney

Free trade ain’t so free
When we ship your job away
But those fat cats with their wallets
Will remember me someday
Disappearin’ factory jobs
Ain’t no kind of funny
You know I feel your pain
But I love that dirtymoney

All my favorite people
Are really corporations
Corporations don’t get sick
Or ask me for vacations
Politicians crave cash
Like a bear loves him some honey
You know I feel your pain
But I need that dirtymoney

by Richard W. Bray