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October 20, 2017

Lower taxes for the wealthy
And the never-ending war
Can’t afford to fix the bridges
Never talk about the poor

Those fancy noble pundits
Talking on tv
All worried ‘bout decorum
Blah blah blah civility

It’s fully copacetic
Dropping 20 thousand bombs
If you do it with a smile
And you’re good at looking calm

Crooks and politicians
Keep on getting paid
Plundering our country
And calling it free trade

by Richard W. Bray

Hope and Change or Just More of the Same?

January 16, 2016

Like Bill and George
He wants them speaking fees
So it’s the One Percent
That he’s gotta please

They steal our homes
They poison our kids
And our politicians
Seek the highest bid

His words are so pretty
But his words ain’t free
He don’t fight for the people
He fights for TPP

It’s incredibly sad
But it ain’t strange
Hope and Change
Just means more of the same

by Richard W. Bray

Down with TPP

January 21, 2014


Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Now we’re gonna
Frack away our legacy
Poisoning the earth
And the economy

Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Fast-track it past
The people in secrecy
Low wages worldwide
Is what we’re gonna see

Do you know me?
I’m down with TPP
Bargaining away
Our national sovereignty
To a buncha corporations
That hired me

by Richard W. Bray

Ballad of the Pitiable Politician

July 20, 2012

I love the working man
And I’d walk your picket line
But my wingtips give me bunions
And my sneakers need a shine
And it’s so darn hot
When I’m out in the sunny
You know I feel your pain
But I love that dirtymoney

Free trade ain’t so free
When we ship your job away
But those fat cats with their wallets
Will remember me someday
Disappearin’ factory jobs
Ain’t no kind of funny
You know I feel your pain
But I love that dirtymoney

All my favorite people
Are really corporations
Corporations don’t get sick
Or ask me for vacations
Politicians crave cash
Like a bear loves him some honey
You know I feel your pain
But I need that dirtymoney

by Richard W. Bray