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Peer Pressure (and Getting Paid)

October 6, 2016


All the other pundits say we have to be strong
So I’d look pretty stupid if I didn’t go along
Pundits work for think tanks so we know a lot of things
Strength means dropping cluster bombs on helpless human beings

All the other pundits say America must lead
It isn’t our concern if millions have to bleed
Our enemies respect us when we’re muscular and bold
Our paymasters reward us based upon munitions sold

All the other pundits say we must support our friends
Don’t obsess on means if you can justify the ends
Friends can chop some heads if they possess a lot of oil
Friends with good locations set their enemies to boil

All the other pundits say we must pay any price
And pundits live in neighborhoods and houses that are nice
Pundits tell you simple folk what is wrong and right
Pundits think that wars are great for other folks to fight

by Richard W. Bray

Think Tank Warrior

February 5, 2015

Sing a song of freedom
Sing a song of war
The happy, hearty hegemon
Hears the eagle roar

He will cheer to loose the hounds
But he simply can’t be found
With the boots that hit the ground

Sing of liberation
Sing a song of war
Intrepid chairborne ranger
Like a strapping rogue of yore

But he’ll never be around
When the guns and missiles pound
Razing village to the ground

Sing of credibility
Sing a song of war
Gallant think tank warrior
Is manly to the core

In pools of blood they drown
As he buys another round
With his dirty, ill-gained Crown

by Richard W. Bray

War is Money

October 13, 2013


War is money
Widows weep
Bombs and rockets
Don’t come cheap

War is money
Napalm glows
It also lights up
A portfolio

War is money
Children die
Oh, what comfort
Blood can buy

War is money
War is power
Should have listened
To Eisenhower

by Richard W. Bray

Sate the Holy

August 4, 2013


Freedom, honor, enterprise
Fatherhood and faith
The gallant shall not compromise
With heathens at the gate

Fear and hatred breed the guns
Inseminating wealth
Warfare yields the bloody ones
That signify our health

Indignation plants the seeds
That sanctify our culture
Corpses feed the swords of greed
And sate the Holy Vulture

by Richard W. Bray

Murder Machine

May 2, 2012

Murder Machine

Feeds on resentment, hatred and fear
Murder Machine got a million gears
Profits mount—bodies stack high
Politicians—so easy to buy
Blood money drips to the greedy few
Till we’re all in hock to the thieves who rule
Spits out orphans, widows and pain
Murder Machine leaves a wicked stain

by Richard W. Bray