ibble-snabble wibble-wabble wicka wacka woo

ibble-snabble wibble-wabble
wicka-wacka woo

I wanna be the man
Who gets to spend my life with you

Sometimes people say
That I don’t make a lot of sense
They say that I’m a stalker
Cuz I stand outside your fence

wimpa-wampa dubba-dampa
bimpy-bampy boo

I’ll be gone tomorrow
If you tell me to

Sometimes I get silly
But I’m serious as hell
Things you make me feel
Are impossible to tell

numble-namble bimble-bamble
limba-lamba loom

Tell me how your presence
Makes a million flowers bloom

No place in the universe
That I’d rather be
Waiting for an angel
Underneath a cherry tree

by Richard W. Bray

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