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We’re the Neoliberals

April 4, 2018

We’re the Neoliberals
Making sure the hawks will soar
We celebrate our soldiers
By starting lots of wars

We’re the Neoliberals
We’re shutting down the stores
Haven’t cared about the working man
Since 1984

We’re the Neoliberals
We love the One Percent
If you don’t like Austerity
Get out of our tent

We’re the Neoliberals
We’re modern day pagans
We idolize the dollar
And we worship Ronald Reagan

by Richard W. Bray


February 23, 2018

The factories are empty
And cities waste away
Leaders sell us out for cash
And tell us all to pray

The churches are deserted
The schools are falling down
We got abandoned buildings
People sleeping on the ground

We got hurt and hate and war
We got pills that waste your soul
They serve us bombs and bullets
We’re just trying to get whole

They hollowed out our country
And left an empty shell
They got thirty bits of silver
I hope they spend it well

by Richard W. Bray