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We’re the Neoliberals

April 4, 2018

We’re the Neoliberals
Making sure the hawks will soar
We celebrate our soldiers
By starting lots of wars

We’re the Neoliberals
We’re shutting down the stores
Haven’t cared about the working man
Since 1984

We’re the Neoliberals
We love the One Percent
If you don’t like Austerity
Get out of our tent

We’re the Neoliberals
We’re modern day pagans
We idolize the dollar
And we worship Ronald Reagan

by Richard W. Bray

Just to Get Paid

February 13, 2016


We feed the people poison
Just to get paid
Poison makes em sick
We sell em pills to kill the pain
Pills got side effects
That make the people sicker
But we got pills for that
And we also sell them liquor

Profits really escalate
When everybody’s illin’
We take that dirty cash
And buy up politicians
We buy up the media
And people it with whores
If we need to change the subject
We start another war

by Richard W. Bray