Long ago and far away

Long ago and far away
I wasn’t very nice
Did a lot of ugly things
And paid a gruesome price

Beat my chest and banged my drum
Ready for a fight
Split some heads and ate some fists
Threw my anger left and right

Tough guy tried to swing on me
I punched him in the head
He landed on the concrete
And now that man is dead

Judge called me a loser
And a menace to the town
The world would be much better
Without your type around

Banged my soul against a wall
For twenty years inside
Then one day I read a book
It woke me up inside

The man I killed and guys like me
Are trash you throw away
When we kill each other
We really make your day

The man I killed is haunting me
And waiting at the door
I honor him by loving strays
And comforting the poor

by Richard W. Bray

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