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December 30, 2017

Love don’t do the dishes
Love won’t tie your shoes
Love didn’t cook your dinner
Love can’t change a fuse

Love will not protect us
Love cannot atone
Love don’t stop our leaders
From dropping all those drones

Love don’t bomb no babies
Love don’t start no wars
We do a trillion ugly things
Love ain’t keeping score

Love won’t fix the shower
Love can’t brush your hair
The only thing it’s good for
Is making people care

by Richard W. Bray

crooked crooked world

November 22, 2017

You shall love your crooked neighbour
      With your crooked heart

W.H Auden, As I Walked Out One Evening

Anger and resentment
Will fill your heart with sand
Allow yourself to care about
Somebody you can’t stand

There’s a part of you that tries to love
Everyone you see
Pretending that it doesn’t
Makes you angry sad and mean

It’s a crooked crooked world
Filled with crooked souls
Love can make it meaningful
But nothing makes us whole

By Richard W. Bray

the warmth of you

September 9, 2017

the warmth of you
melts away the hurt
love like a river
washing out the dirt

the song of you
pulses through my mind
your tender melody
compassionate and kind

the joy of you
sparkles like a star
I wish I could absorb
everything you are

by Richard W. Bray

Making bean tacos for the ones we love

August 19, 2017

Every meal is sacred
A gift from above
Making bean tacos
For the ones we love

If there isn’t enough
We can always make some more
For friends and neighbors
Who knock on the door

Food is existence
And cooking is art
When you share a meal
You’re sharing your heart

We laugh and we love
We comfort and console
In every household
The kitchen is the soul

by Richard W. Bray

if you ever got a problem

August 5, 2017

if you ever got a problem
or if you’re feeling down
you only gotta tell me
I’ll come riding into town

when walls are collapsing
and you can’t escape your trouble
I’ll be there in a minute
to protect you from the rubble

when life is an inferno
and things are looking dire
you’ll see me rushing in
to pull you from the fire

I’ll deliver you from danger
I’ll rescue you from strife
I’ll be your rope ladder
I’ll be your jaws of life

by Richard W. Bray

You Don’t Get a Vote

June 18, 2017

Look at that messed up
Couple over there
She’s got a million tats
He never cuts his hair

Can’t you just be happy
They have one another?
Can’t you be happy
They found love with each other?

What could those people
Ever see in each other?
She’s the wrong age
And he’s the wrong color

If you got a comment
Just keep it in your throat
It isn’t your life
You don’t get a vote

So wrong for each other
Just headed for trouble
It really makes me sad
When the wrong people couple

In this crazy old world
It ain’t easy to stay warm
Can’t you just be happy
They found shelter from the storm?

by Richard W. Bray

with a handful of love and a sliver of hope

January 22, 2017


Huge and horrible things
Happen every day
I won’t try and hide
I won’t look away

Keeping it together
And trying to cope
With a handful of love
And a sliver of hope

I won’t give in
I won’t be torn apart
By the greed and hate
And anger in my heart

Keeping it together
And trying to cope
With a handful of love
And a sliver of hope

Walking up a hill
I’ll walk till I drop
The walk is all I got
Won’t ever reach the top

Keeping it together
And trying to cope
With a handful of love
And a sliver of hope

by Richard W. Bray

every act of hope and love (A Rebuttal of Sorts to that Sad Mr. Larkin)

February 14, 2016


Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Phillip Larkin

In our lust for power and pelf
We pass on pain to son and daughter
I’ve passed along much hurt myself
It spreads and spreads like dye in water

Our lives are sad; our fate is strange
Life just seems like one big trap
Human beings will never change
Is existence merely crap?

Life is pain; there’s no exemption
I don’t seek meaning up above
Succor pain and seek redemption
In every act of hope and love

by Richard W. Bray

Fortunate to Know

October 8, 2015


Been hived and herded
Doused and dirted
And deserted

Life is an ocean
Of misery and woe
Love is a notion
I’m fortunate to know

Been punched and prodded
Nailed and knotted
Fiends who plotted
Stomped and swatted

Life is an ocean
Of misery and woe
Love is a notion
I’m fortunate to know

Been kicked and slandered
Dumped and dandered
Pitched and pandered
Without candor

Life is an ocean
Of misery and woe
Love is a notion
I’m fortunate to know

by Richard W. Bray

The Circumference of the Heart

October 25, 2014

Perhaps you laugh at me! Perhaps the whole United States are laughing at me too! I can’t stop for that! My business is to love.

—Emily Dickinson

Can’t weight it on a scale
Can’t plot it on a graph
The tremors won’t be measured
On a seismograph

You can do a million surveys
You can fill in all the bubbles
But you’ll never find a theory
To eliminate your troubles

Sooner if not later
Every statistician found
You can process all the data
But the variables confound

It can’t be quantified
It won’t fit on your chart
Your methods cannot measure
The circumference of the heart

by Richard W. Bray