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All We Need of Hell

March 19, 2020

Parting is all we know of heaven
And all we need of hell

Emily Dickinson, My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close

I always thought we’d have you
I always knew you cared
I always felt your presence
Your love was everywhere

Suddenly I feel it
Everything is wrong
Nothing’s where it should be
And half the sky is gone

The flowers on the hillside
The birds passing by
Sing to me of your love
In a cosmic lullaby

By Richard W. Bray

Dreamers of Dead

March 4, 2013

love among ruin

So many now have joined the hapless dead
As though a contest—how many can we kill
By sending others’ children off to war
The health of the state is unchecked power
Which feeds on frustration and unmet desire
This lust for blood that we confuse with love

Catenations bind us by our love
In webs of hate that recollect our dead
Murder machine fulfills the group desire
To locate people God wants us to kill
In fear a people shall relinquish power
To cowards who will always answer: War

The terrified succumb to endless war
It’s easier than proffering our love
In times of doubt the people will trust power
No matter if million end up dead
If you look and sound like those who kill
Killing you is what our dead desire

Humans have a basic born desire
To eliminate our enemies with war
Enemies exist for us to kill
Who’s the Fool who said they must be loved?
Enemies are only good when dead
Enemies embrace in lust for power

Millions murdered in pursuit of power
Pelf and power propagate desire
Desires undeterred beget more dead
The dead are mere ingredients of war
Death is all the tyrant knows of love
And Thanatos consummates the kill

Words enliven hearts we send to kill
Empty words engender frightful power
Some died for freedom, others died for love
Zombies march in cadence of desire
When unleashed the platitudes of war
Sing a dreary song of walking dead

Among the ruins, love decries our kill
Dreamers of dead are quick to kill for power
Unchecked desire is the seed of war

Richard W. Bray