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October 23, 2010



Sleeping in my chamber
I was awakened by a sound
Oblivious to danger
I got up to look around

Darkly beckoned onward
I chased a ghost that night
It led me down a hallway
I could not contain my fright

It hovered near a doorway
And exploded on the floor
And a thousand little spirits
Scampered neath the door

Hesitating for a moment
I summoned all my guts
And thought, “If I’m not dreaming
I must be going nuts.”

Placing hand on doorknob
I pushed open the creaking door
I didn’t know what I was seeking
I had no wish to explore—

The room was filled with goblins
And other creatures of lore
I tried to avert my eyeballs
As the specter began to pour

Red liquid into a chalice
But it did not look like wine
I wondered whose house this was
Surely it couldn’t be mine

I walked up to the fellow, knees quaking
It was time to make a stand
And with my fist ashaking
I said, “I do demand

That you and ghoulish posse
Vacate my home forthwith
I’m not one to be haunted
By creatures out of myth!”

Suddenly there was silence
All eyes affixed to me
I feared they’d do me violence
It seemed an eternity

The specter appeared to smile
And with a wave of his hand
He sent the other monsters
To some foreign land

He looked straight in my eye
And said, “Let me explain
My creepy friends and I
Live inside of your brain”

Then I was awakened
By a ringing telephone
I jumped up forsaken
No time to be alone

I picked up the receiver
A voice much like my own:
“Now you can be a believer”
Static. Click. Dial tone.

by Richard W. Bray

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October 17, 2010


Creatures you’ll meet
Out on my street:
Goblins, vampires
Shrunken head buyers
Gargoyles, zombies
Brain-dead mummies
Giant spiders
Headless riders
Grimmer Reapers
Crawly creepers
Werewolves, Frank Stein
Are not friends mine

No joy for me
Just lost my key
Locked out, late night
Cold air, fresh fright
Who could this be?
Someone help me
It’s moved closer
I’m safe? No, sir
Mommy, save me
It might grave me

Neighbor Louise
With my spare keys
“Thank you!” I gush
Inside. Big rush

by Richard W. Bray