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Solid Bliss

October 15, 2017

They storm the Earth and stun the Air,
A Mob of solid Bliss –

Emily Dickinson

Stir some dust
And make some noise
A mob of happy
Girls and boys

Romp and stomp
And kick your heels
Listen how
Your body feels

Play and laugh
And squeal and shout
Bounce your feelings
All about

by Richard W. Bray

Sloppy Jay

September 23, 2017

In disheveled disarray
Careless messy Sloppy Jay
Putters on his merry way

He leaves a trail of pickles and moss
And stones and sticks and taco sauce
A slapdash chain of dregs and dross

Cruel teachers and angry aunts
Sling a thousand bitter taunts
For Jay’s apparent nonchalance

Inside this squall of anarchy
Lurks a soul enchanted and free
Discard your spite and you could see

by Richard W. Bray

Pull Away from the Screen

August 12, 2017

Pull away from the screen
Put on your ramblin’ shoes
Get yourself outside
Or you’re gonna blow a fuse

Say hello to your body
Run and jump around
Try and race your shadow
To the other end of town

Take a walk in the forest
And hug the nearest tree
If you listen it will tell you
How to set your spirit free

The world is interactive
And the graphics are sublime
Open up your senses
And hear the cosmos chime

by Richard W. Bray

harmony of movement

June 23, 2017

A good athlete must have that harmony of movements or rhythm, which is called “form”….From pitch, to swing, to ball, a whole series of rhythms are set off, one rhythm, or one motion, starting another. So it is in life—from sun, to moon, to earth, to night, to day, to you getting up in the morning and going out to play a game of ball. All the rhythms of life are in some way related, one to another. You, your baseball, and the universe are brothers through rhythms.
Langston Hughes, The First Book of Rhythm

Get in sync
And harmonize
Earth and moon
And sun and sky

All the rhythms
Are connected
Ain’t a body

Sun ashinin’
Earth aspinnin’
Live the motion
Breathe the rhythm

by Richard W. Bray

Don’t Wake Me Up for Anything

January 10, 2015

Don’t wake me up for anything
Don’t even say my name
This ain’t the time for pestering
My weak and weary frame

Don’t wake me up for anything
My bedroom is a shrine
Don’t disrupt my napping
My stupor is divine

Don’t wake me up for anything
Don’t halt my brief vacation
No good comes from bedeviling
My blesséd hibernation

Don’t wake me up for anything
I can’t afford to lose
Time set aside for slumbering
Don’t interrupt my snooze

Don’t wake me up for anything
My dreams are grandiose
If the world is ending
Just leave me comatose

by Richard W. Bray

Happy-Spangled Day

May 1, 2014

Cute happy boy in red baseball cap

Fresh and springy
Sunny day
Flowers pushing
Up to say
“Live your
Happy-spangled day
And mosey on
Your special way”

Burst it out
And don’t be coy
Smell the colors
Live the joy
Be a playful
Bouncy boy
The universe
Will be your toy

by Richard W. Bray


July 22, 2011


Hey, watch out!
Here they come
What ya’ got?
They want some
Must be that time of year
Cuz the moochers are all here

They show up at your dwelling
When you’re getting set to eat
Boldly they will tell you
That you owe them all a seat

Once they fill their innards
They’ll discreetly slip away
You’ll be doing all those dishes
While they run around and play

As if your possessions
Really should be theirs
Moochers love to “borrow”
Your money, books and chairs

The dude who recommended
“Never a lender be”
Probably let a moocher
“Borrow” his tv

Yesterday a moocher
Knocked upon my door
And asked if he could come inside
And watch me do my chores

I said that this would seem to be
A silly waste of time
“Watching others work,” he said
“Makes me feel sublime”

I was raised to be unselfish
And always lend a hand
I know that this is right
But I still don’t understand

Those people who would rather
Waste the livelong day
Living off of others
Instead of making their own way

So if you see them coming
Turn off all your lights
And hide down in the basement
Until they’re out of sight

by Richard W. Bray

Not Amused

July 8, 2011

Not Amused

Was not amused when you used
My shirt to wash your car
You left it thrashed, torn and trashed
An ugly ball of tar

Wasn’t pleased when you seized
My favorite possessions
I can’t believe the way you thieve
You need sophistication lessons

I’m not impressed how you guessed
And opened up my locker
You took the shorts I wear for sports
So I could not play soccer

I’m glad to say you soon will pay
It fills me with elation
I booked you a season with the French Foreign Legion
You really needed a vacation

by Richard W. Bray

Leave me Alone

June 26, 2011

Leave me Alone

I don’t want to eat my spinach
I don’t want to do my chores
I don’t want to clean the bathroom
I just want to eat some s’mores

I don’t want to iron my trousers
I don’t want to cut the lawn
I don’t want to do my homework
I just want to play till dawn

I don’t want to plant a garden
I don’t want to wash the car
I don’t want to do the dishes
I just want to look at stars

I don’t want to work for money
I don’t want to paint my home
I don’t want to fix the plumbing
I just want to be alone

by Richard W. Bray


October 23, 2010


Sleeping in my chamber
I was awakened by a sound
Oblivious to danger
I got up to look around

Darkly beckoned onward
I chased a ghost that night
It led me down a hallway
I could not contain my fright

It hovered near a doorway
And exploded on the floor
And a thousand little spirits
Scampered neath the door

Hesitating for a moment
I summoned all my guts
And thought, “If I’m not dreaming
I must be going nuts.”

Placing hand on doorknob
I pushed open the creaking door
I didn’t know what I was seeking
I had no wish to explore—

The room was filled with goblins
And other creatures of lore
I tried to avert my eyeballs
As the specter began to pour

Red liquid into a chalice
But it did not look like wine
I wondered whose house this was
Surely it couldn’t be mine

I walked up to the fellow, knees quaking
It was time to make a stand
And with my fist ashaking
I said, “I do demand

That you and ghoulish posse
Vacate my home forthwith
I’m not one to be haunted
By creatures out of myth!”

Suddenly there was silence
All eyes affixed to me
I feared they’d do me violence
It seemed an eternity

The specter appeared to smile
And with a wave of his hand
He sent the other monsters
To some foreign land

He looked straight in my eye
And said, “Let me explain
My creepy friends and I
Live inside of your brain”

Then I was awakened
By a ringing telephone
I jumped up forsaken
No time to be alone

I picked up the receiver
A voice much like my own:
“Now you can be a believer”
Static. Click. Dial tone.

by Richard W. Bray

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