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Just to Get Paid

February 13, 2016


We feed the people poison
Just to get paid
Poison makes em sick
We sell em pills to kill the pain
Pills got side effects
That make the people sicker
But we got pills for that
And we also sell them liquor

Profits really escalate
When everybody’s illin’
We take that dirty cash
And buy up politicians
We buy up the media
And people it with whores
If we need to change the subject
We start another war

by Richard W. Bray

Entrepreneurial Hero

October 6, 2010

Entrepreneurial Hero

Davey had a bank account with several thousand bucks
And since he wasn’t using it, his money was just stuck
So I hauled it all away one day—I didn’t need any trucks
I just used the Internet. He has such awful luck

I bought everything I wanted till all my cash was spent
Clothes and electronics is where my dollars went
I telegraphed my parents for more money to be sent
But I’d done it all before; they couldn’t even pay the rent

Like poor starving Oliver, I merely wanted more
So I started my own business, selling gewgaws and what-fors
I wasn’t too successful, for it’s work that I deplore
So I issued bogus stocks and bonds and sold them door to door

At my Cayman Islands office, the trading was intense
Who would’ve ever guessed I had such business sense?
The feds came out to get me, so I ran and hopped a fence
Then I begged for clemency from foreign governments

Now you’ll find me locked up in a room without a view
For trying to serve my country with financial derring-do
Justice clearly wasn’t served, but what’s a guy to do?
I won’t get released until it’s 2092

by Richard W. Bray