Los ladrones que mandan

But, scarce observed, the knowing and the bold
Fall in the gen’ral massacre of gold;
Wide-wasting pest! that rages unconfin’d,
And crowds with crimes the records of mankind
For gold his sword the hireling ruffian draws,
For gold the hireling judge distorts the laws;

Samuel Johnson, The Tenth Satire of Juvenal, Imitated

The rich everyday exhort a part of their daily allowance from the poor
not only by private fraud but by public law

Thomas More, Utopia

Los ladrones que mandan

The thieves who always win
Extracting every dollar
From misery and sin

When tyrants, kings and pirates
Lay the land to waste
Los ladrones que mandan
Will always get their taste

Tax you, fine you, frame you
Guilty any way you plea
Los ladrones que mandan
Lock you up for living free

Ain’t no way to ever reckon
How much they really stole
Los ladrones que mandan
Crush you body, crush your soul

by Richard W. Bray

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