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Dexter McTexter

February 10, 2013


Dexter McTexter
Cooked some food to eat
He had to brag
So he sent his bros a tweet

Dexter McTexter
Heard a funny joke
Got out his thumbs
And told a thousand folk

Dexter McTexter
Stopped at a red light
Just long enough
To publicize his plight

Dexter McTexter
Scratched his derrière
It felt so good
He made his friends aware

Dexter is connected
Every second he’s awake
His overburdened brain
Never takes a break

Dexter needs the chatter
So he won’t feel alone
So damn helpless
Can’t do nothing on his own

Richard W. Bray

I Tried

April 11, 2011

I Tried

I tried to clean my chimney
But it covered me with soot
I tried to wire my speakers
But they smoked and went kaput
I tried to lift a dumbbell
But I dropped it on my foot

I tried to tip my waiter
But his pockets were all full
I tried to wear a sweater
But I’m so itchy from the wool
I tried to ride my horsey
But I saddled up a bull

I tried to wash my car
But it began to rain
I tried some jumping jacks
But that gave me a pain
I want to do what’s right
But it’s driving me insane

by Richard W. Bray