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Sorry: A Duet of Heartache

June 28, 2012

Daddy said my tender heart
Leads me to pursue
Birds with broken wings
And stray dogs just like you

I’m sorry bout the mixup
I’m sorry I’m a fool
Didn’t mean to spend your birthday
Takin’ shots and shootin’ pool

I’m sorry that you took my car
And wrapped it round a tree
I’m sorry that I hocked my house
And gave my guarantee

I’m sorry I jumped bail
I’m sorry that I ran
I’m sorry that the PeeDee
Found me in my van

Always been I susceptible
To rascals just like you
All it ever got me was
A pocket full of blues

I’m a live tornado
Spewin’ mess and misery
Till I beat the bottle
It’s all I’m gonna be

by Richard W. Bray