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I can fix him

August 30, 2019

And once they have you, safe and sound,
They want to change you all around.

Dorothy Parker

I can change him
I can fix him
Make him do
Just what I say
I can bend him
I can mold him
Like a big ole
Ball of clay

I’ll carve him up
Like a banana
He’ll be my
Special toy
If you want
To own a man
Treat him like
A little boy

Men are helpless
Men are silly
Men are stupid
Men are weak
I can guide him
I can dress him
I can change
The way he speaks

He don’t know
No better
He’s a senseless
Waste of life
I’ll own the pockets
In his pants
I’ll own his nuts
I’ll be his wife

I’ll put his ass to work
I’ll never let him slip
I’m doing him a favor
Just watch me crack my whip

by Richard W. Bray

O fairest of Creation

February 21, 2016


A universe of traits
Lively and sedate
Butch and straight

Matron and girly
Smooth and curvy
Delicate and nervy

Nimble and bold
Young and old
Precious like gold

Fun and feral and silly and wise
In every shape and shade and size
You make the world a lovely place
In three point seven billion ways

by Richard W. Bray