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One Way Trip

April 14, 2013


If I had lived a different life
In a different house with a different wife
With different kids and different pets
Would I still feel the same regrets?

Days gone by I can’t retrieve
The past’s a place we all must leave
Though it’s not easy to believe

Lamenting is a waste of time
Hardly worth this little rhyme
Now I must resume my climb

Life’s a trip that goes one way
Today cannot be yesterday
So laugh and sing and love and play
And carry on, come what may

Richard W. Bray


December 18, 2012

Let’s mosey on down
To the fun end of town
We’ll stretch out the years
Where time disappears

Let’s saunter along
Composing our song
Taking our time
Living for rhyme

Let’s wander a while
Always in style
Forgetting all fears
No worries, no tears

Let’s dally all day
Losing our way
My day won’t be blue
If I spend it with you

Richard W. Bray

Tock, Tock, Tick, Tick

September 1, 2010

Tick, tick, tock, tock
Take your hamster for a walk
Tock, tock, tick, tick
Twenty miles should do the trick

Fie, fum, foe, fee
Chase a monkey up a tree
Fum, fee, fie, foe
Do not let the ladder go

A, B, C, D
Pick some posies just for me
D, B, C, A
Any color is okay

Flip, flip, flop, flop
Elevator to the top
Flop, flop, flip, flip
Have yourself a happy trip

One, two, three, four
Shoot the ball to raise the score
Two, one, four, three
Time to pass the ball to me

Ding, ding, dong, dong
Sing yourself a happy song
Dong, dong, ding, ding
O what joy the day can bring

by Richard W. Bray