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The Voice of Sanity

July 11, 2016


The shapes a bright container can contain!
Theodore Roethke, I Knew a Woman

The shapes and colors you contain
Paralyze my lonesome brain

It did not lessen your appeal
When you suggested I get real

Who I am and who you are
Mean I must love you from afar

I hear the voice of sanity
Saying how it’s gotta be:

“Forget her smile, her voice, her hair
Cry a lot and look elsewhere”

I should just give up on love
My hopeless heart has had enough

by Richard W. Bray


March 20, 2016


She’ll be nothing like I pictured her to be

Neil Young, Lookin’ for a Love

Didn’t expect her beauty
From her bones to her skin
Didn’t expect the galaxy
To suddenly spin

Didn’t expect her smile
With its magical power
Didn’t expect her laugh
To resonate for hours

Didn’t expect to quiver
When she looks me in the face
Didn’t expect her poise
Didn’t expect her grace

Didn’t expect her countenance
To fill me up with joy
Didn’t expect to frolic
Like a goofy little boy

Didn’t expect to ever be
This silly and this sappy
Didn’t know there was such a thing
As permanent lovehappy

by Richard W. Bray