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The man I wanna be

October 25, 2016


There’s no one here to carry on
If I stay out the whole night long
Or give a tinker’s damn if I don’t call
I’m livin’ like I wanted to
And doin’ things I wanna do
And nothin’ means a thing to me at all

Kris Kristofferson, From the Bottle to the Bottom

I had a boring, stupid life
I had some kids; I had a wife
I had fuss; I had complain
I had a big ole ball and chain

Now the boys and me
We can all stay out till three
Cuz I’m free to be
The man I wanna be

Can’t be stuck at home at night
I got to roam; I got to fight
I need those dirty city lights
And all those wicked wet delights

Gonna burn the sheets
With every gal I see
Cuz I’m free to be
The man I wanna be

Now I’m stuck in this motel
Guess my plans didn’t go so well
Found lots of hurt and lots of smell
On my one way trip to hell

I got whiskey and tv
In a room that smells like pee
But I’m free to be
The man I wanna be

by Richard W. Bray