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In Defence of Mum and Dad (A Rebuttal to This Be The Verse)

March 24, 2018

Philip Larkin

You were angry
   And somewhat nuts
They clothed your frame
   And fed your guts

Without them
   There’s no Aubade
Your masterpiece
   Denying God

You were revered
   And somewhat famous
Though not as rich
   As Kingsley Amis

They did their best
   You drank your smell
It’s not their fault
   You lived your hell

by Richard W. Bray

every act of hope and love (A Rebuttal of Sorts to that Sad Mr. Larkin)

February 14, 2016


Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Phillip Larkin

In our lust for power and pelf
We pass on pain to son and daughter
I’ve passed along much hurt myself
It spreads and spreads like dye in water

Our lives are sad; our fate is strange
Life just seems like one big trap
Human beings will never change
Is existence merely crap?

Life is pain; there’s no exemption
I don’t seek meaning up above
Succor pain and seek redemption
In every act of hope and love

by Richard W. Bray