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Milk and Cream

May 23, 2012

i thought i
could find love
by seeking out
dreams of
peerless angels
clouded my
took years for me
to wake up
and make the right

Things that make you human
Make me love you more
I’m blessed to take your trash out
Or listen to you snore
I put away my fantasies
To realize my dreams
Drinking all the milk
To appreciate the cream

by Richard W. Bray

My Favorite Work of Art

August 5, 2011

My Favorite Work of Art

You raise my spirit when I’m tired and down
And reprimand me when I act the clown

You bring me coffee when I need a lift
And motivate me through that second shift

You warm me when I’m naked to the bone
You’re the reason why I never feel alone

You clean my wounds and listen to me bleed
And give my soul the sustenance I need

You heal my mind and protect my heart
That’s why you’re my favorite work of art

by Richard W. Bray