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Mine’s Better

March 3, 2018

I really like your auto
And the things it can do
We had one just like it
Back in 1962

My car does the dishes
Cooks my eggs and cuts my hair
It even does my taxes
And tells me what to wear

I really like your children

They’re not afraid to fail
They can even dress themselves
And they’ve never been in jail

My daughter goes to Harvard
Can you believe she’s only four?
Her brother just cured cancer
And he put an end to war

I really like your clothing
It’s so 1982
Your Member’s Only jacket
Is the perfect look for you

Everything I wear
Is from Paris or Milan
If the designer isn’t famous
I won’t even try it on

I really like your courage
You’re not afraid to drink
Nasty rustic water
Coming from your kitchen sink

Pure and pristine water
From a Himalayan spring
The Dalai Lama blessed it
It’s the only thing I drink

You’re my inspiration
You’re so gallant and carefree
You have the will to go on living
And you’re not even me

by Richard W.  Bray

Silly Silly Grownups

January 12, 2017


Got a shark from Gramma
It was soft and it was blue
It had some scary teeth
It tried to by me too

I wrestled with my shark
And ripped apart his hide
That mean and scary fishy
Was all cotton balls inside

“Whatever did possess you?
Goodness gracious Daisy Mae!
We can’t show this to Gramma”
I heard my mother say

Then I got in trouble
So I kicked and I cried
Nobody told me that the shark
Was not a shark inside

Daddy bought a puppy
To be my very own
My parents were frightened
To leave us alone

Silly silly grownups
Don’t they realize?
I know that my puppy
Is all puppy inside

by Richard W. Bray

What’s a Guy to Do?

August 10, 2010

What’s a Guy to Do?

I took Tammy’s twinkie while she was at a play
Then I made a stinky and discreetly walked away
“What they don’t know won’t hurt them” is what I like to say
Besides, I’ll make it up to them on some future day

I switched Scotty’s toothpaste with some super glue
Though he’s in the hospital, he has a lovely view
If some folks cannot take a joke, what’s a guy to do?
I’m not about to miss such fun just so others won’t be blue

Alex likes to brag about the lunches his mom makes
So I replaced his lunch bag with one full of snakes
You might think that I am mean, but I say, “Them’s the breaks.”
He should learn to be more careful about which bag he takes

Walter wrote a paper that my teacher gave an “A”
Then I filled his desk with dog doo when he went out to play
We all got extra recess so it was a perfect day
It’s really all his fault, you know, for showing off that way

I hate to brag about my brilliance, but it’s simply true
I’ve never gotten caught for all the things I do
People make me angry, so what’s a guy to do?
It’s not my fault that they’re all liars and mean and stupid, too

by Richard W. Bray