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resentment anger masochism

August 26, 2017

tie yourself up in a knot
think about what people do
and crave what people got

ignite your blood like gasoline
turn the damage inside out
explode like a machine

pull your heart out through your gut
slash and maim and trash and burn
and smash and maul and cut

by Richard W. Bray

I’m Me Because I’m Not You

March 27, 2016


I’m me
Cuz I’m not you
And I hate everything
You do

I hate hate hate hate hate you
And I hate your stupid group
You’re a bunch of stupid losers
And you’re all full of poop

I hate everything you do
I hate everything you say
I could fix the whole world
If you just went away

I have a pair of handrails:
Anger and disgust
I don’t hate you cuz I want to
I hate you cuz I must

by Richard W. Bray