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delicate and true

April 29, 2017

I’m glad you let me love you
I hope you let me see
All the things you wanna do
And what you wanna be

I’ll get down on hands and knees
I’ll dig your heart a moat
I’ll cover all your tender parts
Wear me like a coat

Tell me what you want to be
I’ll show you what I mean
I’ll protect your eager heart
And defend your thirsty dreams

Allow me to acknowledge
Everything I get from you
And trust me with the part of you
That’s delicate and true

by Richard W. Bray

New and Improved

January 7, 2017


We’re proud to announce
It’s incredible to see
A sensational development
A new and better me

The improvement is amazing
It’s finally here
Compare to other products
It’s remarkably clear

From our team of experts
This miraculous device
A revolutionary bargain
At a startling price

It’s quick and it’s easy
It’s coming to your town
Accept no other offer
We won’t let you down

Introducing our new strategy
It’s guaranteed to work
Time to tell the truth:
I was a stupid selfish jerk

I’m sorry and I love you
I’ll be a better man
It’s a limited-time offer
So get me while you can

by Richard W. Bray

A Place to Perch my Hope

September 26, 2016


Love’s not easy
Love’s not free
It takes a toll on
You and me

I’m not stupid
I’m not blind
I know that sometimes
You’re unkind

Love’s not heaven
Love’s not God
Love is painful
Love is odd

I’m not a dreamer
Just a girl
I know that you
Can’t fix the world

Love’s a chance
For me to cope
Love’s a place
To perch my hope

by Richard W. Bray