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everything that’s worth a damn is gonna hurt like hell

September 7, 2019

some say the most important thing is to calmly talk about your depression. wrong. the most important thing is to throw sand in its eyes, beat it with a sock full of quarters, then toss your depression in an Arby’s dumpster
Beth, my spiritual adivsor

There ain’t no happy place
Where good times always last
You need to grab your misery
And kick its little ass

There ain’t no place to hide
There ain’t no happy pills
Don’t make up stupid stories
To wish away your ills

There ain’t no easy road
There ain’t no magic spell
Everything that’s worth a damn
Is gonna hurt like hell

Beat the blues down
When it bears its ugly head
It’s coming back tomorrow
Every day until you’re dead

By Richard W. Bray


February 25, 2012


naggin little
nibblin at my day
left a hole
that slit my soul
and drained my
hope away

heaven knows
joy comes and goes
who could tell me why?
heaven knows
the river flows
and sometimes
it ebbs dry

day by day
waves slap shore
earth spins round the sun
fill your cup
when joy erupts
soon it will
be gone

Richard W. Bray